5 Methods That Innovative Companies Use Communications Software

Communication is an essential tool in any setting, particularly in the workplace. According to a Queens University of Charlotte research, 3 in 4 employers highly value collaboration. Despite that, more than a quarter of employees feel that they do not collaborate enough in the workplace. This could be due to the lack of a reliable communications tool.

You might say that email is enough. However, instead of bolstering productivity, it can even bring it down. For smoother communications, a dedicated communications software is more appropriate.

Innovative companies are already using it to revolutionize their workplaces. Yours can be next!

1.To foster a collaborative environment

In a Queens University of Charlotte study, it is revealed that 75% of employers consider collaboration as a very important aspect in the workplace. And yet, 39% of the employees who participated in the survey believe that they do not collaborate enough in their work settings. 

Still, this is something that organizations can resolve with ease and haste, considering that baby boomers, Generation X, and Millennials alike value social tools to increase productivity, according to the same research. 

3 in 4 employers value collaboration yet 39% of employees feel that they do not collaborate often.

If, as an employer, you are keen on boosting productivity and fostering collaboration in the workplace, you do not have to look farther than communications software applications. These have the features necessary to allow colleagues to get in touch with each other and share files and documents.

Thus, your business does not have to suffer from delays and bottlenecks due to lack of information, resources, or materials.

2.To promote mentorship

Coaching and mentoring are crucial in order to develop the talent and skills of younger workers and those who are new in the field. While the HR department is usually the one in charge of this, teams themselves can take the initiative, especially managers and senior employees. It does not have to involve sophisticated courses, either. In fact, a communication software for business could suffice. 

That is because such a solution would have the necessary tools to facilitate communications between leaders and key employees and the ones they are meant to mentor. From chat to audio and video calls, mentors can offer guidance and share learning resources and knowledge tidbits to their mentees.

On their part, trainees or new employees can send their questions directly to their instructor or senior colleague via the communication app. And if ever they feel shy about speaking to their guides face-to-face, this can help them break the ice bit by bit until they are comfortable and integrated into the team to approach their mentors naturally.

3.To connect remote workers and partners

Remote work is no longer just a trend. It is now the norm in work environments. The State of Remote Work 2019 by Buffer shows that 99% of individuals would like to experience working remotely at some point in their careers. However, 17% of respondents say they have difficulties collaborating and communicating with their workmates.

That is not something that cannot be resolved, though. Indeed, it is one of the main benefits of communication software. While email is a go-to for any individual to ask and answer, this method takes time. With a communication platform, chat, video, and audio tools are accessible to any user.

Those features make remote colleagues and partners reachable. They break down whatever barriers may exist between associates to ensure that everybody is on the same page regarding tasks, projects, and other aspects of work life.

4.To keep the workforce updated about the organization

Did you know that email is the number one time-waster at work? The average employee checks email 36 times in an hour and takes at least 16 minutes to refocus. Because of this, they lose about 10 IQ points, which is the same amount as when they lose sleep, according to Atlassian.

That is why, instead of sending updates about company policies and events via email, you can opt to send them in a public channel of your communications solution. Aside from minimizing the harm caused by emails, another one of the advantages of communication software is the creation of rapport between employees. Therefore, even if they are from different teams, departments, floors, or branches, they can still communicate openly for better project management.

5.To create open lines for customers

A communication software is not just for internal use–it can serve as a channel for communications with customers as well. This way, they have more options for getting in touch with your business, especially when they need assistance regarding your product or service.

With a communication platform, you can unify customer tickets even. This allows any available agent to step in and try to resolve open issues to the complete satisfaction of clients regarding your customer service. As a result, you can increase their loyalty to your brand, boosting your growth and securing your business’s future

Making team collaboration a dream come true

In the workplace, there are many factors that keep your teams from communicating and collaborating smoothly. Because of those, a highly productive workforce may seem like a dream. It does not have to end there though because you have communication tools within reach to make it a reality. You do not have to keep your workers limited to email–you can provide them with chat, video, and audio communications to make them more effective in speaking not just with each other but with customers as well.