Using ShoutOUT Collect: Where and How

In our previous article, we introduced to you ShoutOUT Collect, our form solution which has been in use for some time now as an additional feature in ShoutOUT, our CRM platform. I’m pretty sure that the first impression ShoutOUT Collect created was good, and I’m gonna make it better by talking about some of the ways in which Collect can be utilized in order to get the best out of it.

(Pre/Post) Event Registrations


Using manual applications for event registrations is an idea similar to writing letters instead of texting. It might still be in use, but is limited to certain contexts. Surely, in the digital age, our busy and unstable schedules demand quickness and last minute decisions in most of what we do. Considering all of that, the solution resides on one-tap, two-minute online digital forms which we get to fill in and submit at the last moment while coming back home from work!

Due to those reasons, registering for events, during events, and after events are mostly being done through digital forms at present. It has been made much easier to collect the required customer / participant data, and do any necessary analysis INSTANTLY, AUTOMATICALLY, ON THE SPOT.

You can share the link to the form on your website, social media, or through email or SMS. If you’ve turned this option on on your Google account, most of your details generally asked in forms are stored by Google so that when you tap on, say the ‘name’ box, it will be automatically filled without even having to type the whole thing. Also, once submitted, the participants can be notified of successful submission by sending them a confirmation SMS or email ( AUTOMATICALLY, if you are one of the lucky businesses who use ShoutOUT! ) it’s never nice to keep your customers in doubt!

Imagine having to get participants’ details/opinions related to something that is being discussed about, or done at that moment during the event. Are you going to distribute papers to 400 odd people and read and analyse all those 400 papers manually at that time itself? Let’s talk what’s possible! Obviously, limited time and limited labour makes it an impossibility.

Digital forms! I don’t think I need to explain why.

I will only say, that among the many available options, ShoutOUT Collect is the best for you! (see why, at the end of the article)

Customer Feedback

Want know whether your customers and leads love you or hate you? Conduct a small survey, may be with an added incentive like a giveaway! And what’s the easiest tool? Forms! Not just forms, but digital forms!

Ok, here’s a personal experience shared with you all (which I hope will give you a better idea as to why you should stick to digital forms for getting customer feedback)

Once I was in this fancy shopping outlet and was going to do the payment. I was in a hurry and wanted to leave soon. Before proceeding to the payment, one of the assistants their handed over to me a ‘form book’ to WRITE DOWN my feedback on the shopping experience. I wouldn’t go into detail but just keep in mind these three points.

Onepeople hate writing, specially standing up with several shopping bags in both hands.

Two – busy schedules, always in a hurry, writing takes time!

Three – writing in a hurry, people tend to write general stuff such as “great experience” or “loved it”, “good collection”, so you never receive ‘genuine’ feedback which you can need in order to improve your business. So what’s the point?

At present, people show a bigger tendency to provide their mobile numbers to the shops / restaurants / businesses that they frequent. Why not automate your CRM system to send a text message or an email with the link to your feedback form, the moment the customer leaves your shop? While on the way back, they will surely take two minutes to fill it in for you because you don’t annoy them! Even if they can’t submit it at that moment itself, the text message with the link is always there for them to access the form when they are free. Not only do you get the expected kind of genuine feedback, you also get to indirectly collect other customer data such as the best time to communicate to them using SMS/email (going by the times customers submit their feedback forms)

I’m making your life much much easier, try out a free ShoutOUT trial and see how you can do all the stuff said above in an instant!

In a gist, what makes ShoutOUT Collect unique?

  • It comes in many formats/versions for your convenience (mobile app, embeddable format, URL)
  • Ability to link the form with your SMS/email gateway
  • Ability to store the collected data and analyse them in one place, automatically, and instantly
  • Integrated with ShoutOUT, the benefits you can reap out of Collect are numerous that I’m going to have to write a whole other article on it! So I’ll spare you the burden and put the links to ShoutOUT and ShoutOUT Collect down here so that you get to experience them all by yourself!

ShoutOUT Collect –

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