Announcing our Meetup Series – ShoutOUT Connect

We’re delighted to announce that we’re hosting our first ever meetup series, ShoutOUT Connect, starting this November.

There is a brand new and exciting meetup in Colombo – ShoutOUT Connect. We are going to kick off the event on Thursday, 29th of November, 5.30 PM onwards. The event is titled ‘Intro GDPR 101’ and is aimed at startups planning to expand their products into Europe.

First of all, what is ShoutOUT Connect?

It’s a dream we’ve had over the last few years, to organize our own community event and share knowledge and stories on various topics important to businesses of any size.

ShoutOUT is all about building better relationships.

And we believe that meetups are a great way to build strong relationships with our customers, readers and promoters of our brand. We want to show our love to them through sharing our stories. At ‘ShoutOUT Connect’, we will not only talk about the stories about ShoutOUT, we will also be inviting some incredible thought leaders / speakers to share their stories on specific topics.

What is the first event about?

We are going to talk about the GDPR at the first event. Early this year it was a hot topic, and you probably remember how your inbox was filled with emails about privacy policy, terms of use updates etc. We wanted to make ShoutOUT GDPR compliant too. But it was a challenge finding resources being outside Europe. Asanka did a great job on learning GDPR by himself and applying them to ShoutOUT. Later, we met Samantha, an expert in the legal side of GDPR, who helped us with DPA, privacy policies and other legal requirements.

So, we know the challenge and we thought of sharing our story with our community and we made it FREE!

Who are the speakers?

Samantha de Soyza, Attorney at Law and GDPR expert will be covering the legal side of the GDPR compliance.

Asanka Nissanka, VP Technology at ShoutOUT Labs will share his knowledge on how to prepare your application for GDPR compliances.

Yes! We have a panel discussion and you can raise your questions and get everything cleared.

More details about the event

Save your date and time – It’s on 29th November 5.30 PM onwards at Hatch Premises. We should especially thank the sponsors Hatch, venue partner and ReadMe, Digital Media partner.

This event is totally FREE, but you have to get registered to reserve your seat and we are going through a screening process to issue the ticket for you.

Get registered at

We’re hoping to see you there!