Be a Cool Event Organizer – Use SMS to Keep Participants on the Loop ?

Did you ever have to go through the experience of organizing an official event by yourself? By a club, society or your workplace may be! (background music — ? “it’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream!” ?). If so, you will be familiar with what I’m going to talk about. (And if you haven’t yet, it is why the more you have to know what we are going talk about.)

Recall the event day for a while.

Everything is perfectly organized, agenda is all set, location is ready, and you are waiting with your team at the participant registration point. Here they come ? You and your team have the lists and it’s time to start searching for the names and mark the participation of the people who are entering. Oh the hassle! You go back and forth on the pages, names are hard to find, the queue is getting longer, the event starting time getting closer, you become restless, participants are about to lose their patience… You know what I’m talking about.

Did you know that you could handle this process way easier? ? Scroll down peeps! ⬇

SMS ?, what you and I both cannot live without, come in handy in a situation like this. Here is how 😀 Thank me later ?

Let’s start with the event registration day itself. Registration can be done either via people sending you an email or registering through your website form or any other way. Our suggestion is automate the registration process. If you have an event registration page, it’s way better! If not, give your team members an online form to enter the details of the registrants.

Image 1 : Registration form created by ShoutOUT for Rotary Club Negombo’s PETS 2017/18 event

With a simple integration to a communication platform, you can trigger an automated SMS to the registrants confirming their registration. And in that SMS, you can send out an auto generated registration codes unique to each entrant. You can easily mark the attendance of the participants with the help of this registration code on the day of the event.

Image 2 : Sample SMS and email content with unique registration code sent out by ShoutOUT for National CxO Forum 2016

You also can trigger an email with all the event related details such as agenda, venue etc.

The questions now you have in your mind are — how to send out automated SMS and emails? how to get these auto generated registration codes? I will tell you soon ?

Okay! So the event registration is done nicely. Every registrant is informed about everything required ?

Now it is the event day. Your team is ready to list down the participants. Ask for the registration code from each person coming in. They will show you the SMS and all you have to do is enter it into a code validating portal ?. In that way, the attendance of participants can be easily marked. How long did it take ⏰? 5 seconds may be. Did you have to go back and forth on pieces of papers? No! Lovely ?

You can do much more! Welcome the people who come in ?. When? At the point where you enter the registration code to the validating portal. How? By triggering an SMS in the same way you did earlier at the registration.

Before enlightening you further with the many other things you can do with SMS for event organizing, let me answer the previous questions.

All the things you were wondering how to perform, can be easily done with ShoutOUT ?

We have both the system to generate automatic registration codes and the portal to validate the codes. And the automatically triggered SMS and emails? That is our uniqueness ? All you have to do is to collect the registrants’ mobile number and email address at the event registration. Communication can be carried out without any burden with our platform.

Here are some bonus tips for the event day!?

Save the details of all the registrants on your ShoutOUT account. When the registration codes are validated, you can segment the participants using the ShoutOUT CRM. Then it is easier for you to have an idea about the people who have registered and participated, plan the event day work and communicate with participants.

You can send event day updates by sending SMS to participants. Keeping them updated about the next steps of the event will make the participants feel engaged. At the end of the event, you can send out an SMS and ask for the feedback about the event as well.

Image 3 : Keep the participants updated throughout the event via SMS

See? It’s not hectic at all. Both participants as well as your team members will be satisfied by the smooth process: starting from the point the participants enter itself, organizers will not feel messed up. Everything will be done nicely. All with a simple and single change ?

Are you ready for that change? You know you are ?

(The organizers-to-be, now that you know what it’s going to be like, make sure you are fully armed to fight the battle of organizing , don’t say we didn’t warn you ?)