Case Study: A Text Message Campaign for the Sustainable Wedding Function of Nithushan & Abinaya

Text message campaign, sustainability, and wedding function – how do these relate to each other or work together?

  • In a way that’s innovative, feasible, timely, and most importantly, sustainable. 

The Problem 

Nithushan and Abinaya are a couple who were planning their wedding function during the pandemic situation. In other words, their planning and preparation had to be compatible with any situation that was to come up without a warning, be it another lockdown, a new government regulation, you name it. This meant that there could be venue changes, date changes, guests limit changes, postponements etc. At the same time, they also wanted to make the wedding function as sustainable as possible. 

The Solution

Nithushan and Abinaya found the perfect solution that addresses both their requirements in the ShoutOUT business text messaging software

Text Message Campaign 

Printed wedding invitation cards are cool and classic. Yes. But, they also mean, 

  1. Lots of trees cut 
  2. Venue / time changes need a few hundred calls and text messages. 
  3. A health risk using the mail, given the time.

Text Alerts for Wedding Invitation 

Wedding Invitation Text Message
Wedding Invitation Text Message

The couple opted to use wedding SMS alerts to invite guests, instead of printed wedding invitation cards. This was the perfect solution in many ways. A text message campaign over hundreds of paper cards allowed them to do it the sustainable way. It helped them do it risk-free for both themselves and the guests. 

Are you, by any chance, having the thought that it is just another text message? 

It certainly is not! 

As you can see in the above image, you can send the text messages with any sender ID, i.e., name, that you like. It could be something like ‘SavetheDate’, ‘MiaWedsIan’, or anything that your creativity calls for! In addition, if you prefer to use a custom number instead of a name, you could also use that! 

Moverover, you could also add any link you want, along with the invitation message. The link could be for RSVP, your wedding website, your wedding venue location, or anything you want it to be.  

Text Alerts for Wedding Updates

Wedding SMS Alerts
Wedding SMS Alerts

Imagine having to give phone calls or send texts to hundreds of people regarding venue changes or postponements! It’s worse than a nightmare. Constant changes that are out of your control not only put you in a hectic schedule but also make the guests confused with different venues and times. 

However, Nithushan and Abinaya were lucky! They did have to go through a venue change due to the pandemic situation. However, they did NOT have to go through an avalanche of phone calls or SMS alerts to update their guests about the venue change. What they simply had to do was to type a single SMS, and click send. FYI, it took only a minute to update all the guests with the link to the new location! 

This is convenient from the guests’ point of view, too. It’s such a hassle to find by guests themselves, the route to different locations. Sometimes there are locations with similar names, and at times the same location comes under different names. So, it’s always better to send yourself the map location of your venue. Saves guests’ time going through the map or getting lost on the way, and saves your time without having to answer endless phone calls asking for directions! 

Well, this is what Nithushan and Abinaya had to say about the ShoutOUT Text Message Campaign

Loved using this platform for our wedding invitation to keep our guests up-to-date of any possible changes in venue and times. This is a go to service for anyone planning their big day during this pandemic! Also, unlike other platforms we were able to target our audience and focus on key attendees. Customer service was incredible! Thank you so much for helping our wedding day run smoothly!

ShoutOUT Text Message Service Features 

Nithushan and Abinaya were able to successfully send out their wedding invitations as well as other updates because of the awesome features ShoutOUT offered as an SMS service provider. Let’s have a look at them!

Custom Sender ID

Send the text message campaign using any name  / phrase aka sender ID you like. You can use anything, and it has to be between minimum 3 characters and maximum 11 characters. Moreover, it could be in any language / writing system you like! The best thing about this is that if you are using just one sender ID throughout the campaign, it will be free of charge. If you want to use more than one, you will have to pay from the second on onwards. 

Multiple Audiences 

Are you having different guests for reception and ceremony? Not to worry, you can create different groups or audiences within the campaign and send separate SMS alerts to each group.

Personalized SMS 

You send just one text message to every guest, true. But, each of those messages can be customized or personalized with the guest’s name. In other words, your message to Sara will say “Hi Sara”, and your message to John will say “Hi John”. 

You can use any links in the message as the needs arise. This could be anything from wedding website links, venue map location links, to RSVP links. 

However, the issue is that there is a character limit to the message and the link could take up much space. Well, not with the ShoutOUT URL shortener. Any link that you need to use can be shortened so that it does not use character space. 

What more does ShoutOUT do?

Simple messaging platform

We provide you with an easy to use messaging platform that takes away much hassle from your wedding planning activities.

Simple Text Message Platform
Simple Text Message Platform

A variety of SMS packages 

We also provide affordable SMS packages! You can check for different pricing options by selecting the desired country from the drop down menu. 

Introducing the mobile app, soon!

To make things even better for you, we are in the process of launching a mobile app that you can use from anywhere! 

Last but not least…

ShoutOUT was happy to be a part of the big day of Nithushan and Abinaya’s life. ShoutOUT was even more happy because we were able to help the couple have a successful event! And we are waiting to help more wedding couples plan their events successfully! 

Nithushan and Abinaya, happy married life from team ShoutOUT