Case Study: ShoutOUT Chatbot Successfully Launches Mother’s Day Campaign of Molly


We all know that for years businesses have been plagued with the issue of how to engage with their customers properly yet timely, and also how to effectively gather accurate and approved data from their clients. But did you know that your solution is literally just one tool away?

Say hi to chatbots!?


Chatbots have been improved since its initial release to the market in 2014; it can now be programmed to carry out various specific tasks such as sales making, marketing, placing orders, customer services, making payments and purchases etc.

The possibilities that lie with it are endless!

There are generally two types of chatbots,

  • Rule based chatbots — controlled by a programmed set of specific rules.
  • Machine learning chatbots — built with artificial intelligence, it learns as it interacts with the user.

You can also take chatbots a step further by integrating it with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, thereby making your lead or customer engagement personalized! It lets you address them by their first name, send relatable messages based on their activity status, and so on.

It only keeps getting better! Chatbots can run on various platforms such as Facebook, Viber, Skype, Telegram etc., which are messaging platforms. And as at 2015, statistics showed that messenger apps are being used more than social media apps nearing 3 billion active users monthly.

It’s been a lot of chatbot hype thus far, let us show you some actual results ? — Molly’s Mother’s Day Campaign

Their Story

Molly, a popular fashion store located in Sri Lanka, was planning to run a mother’s day campaign with the primary aim of engaging with their current customers and acquiring accurate yet consented data from new leads. The campaign was required to be in the form of a giveaway, where free coupons would be awarded to those who engage with it.

The Solution

Molly outsourced this project to our team here at ShoutOUT. The task was to create a chatbot linked to their Facebook Messenger. This chatbot was programmed to ask specific questions from any user that sends a message to Molly’s Facebook page.

You might be wondering how this helped Molly to effectively achieve their objectives?? Well, an email campaign and a Facebook traffic ad was created and sent out to create awareness about their on going giveaway. Within these campaigns was a “Message Us” button which launched the user into the first stage of winning the coupon, where a chat between Molly and the lead was immediately started on Facebook messenger. This is where the chatbot commenced its job, as every response given by Molly in the chat was pre-programmed in the chatbot created by ShoutOUT.

These campaigns were delivered to hundreds of people and manually replying to each message in each chat real time is literally impossible!? But not to worry, the chatbot saved the day ?. The ShoutOUT team built the chatbot specifically to cater to this giveaway. This bot ran on the Facebook messenger platform and was programmed to ask questions from the user to get their phone number and email address — just the right kind of information Molly required for their business.

However, it wasn’t just enough to get these information on Facebook because that would leave the gruesome task of feeding it into their customer database — don’t forget for a bit that an immediate coupon text and email message had to be sent to the given mobile number and email address respectively ?. With Molly already having an account on ShoutOUT, their Facebook Messenger was integrated to it, so that every phone number and email address collected was auto uploaded to it?. To finish up the task, triggered campaigns were set in place so that after each upload, a message containing their coupon code was automatically sent to both their email address and phone number.

Their Success

The ShoutOUT team keenly performed this task, making sure no areas were left untouched. The chatbot was successfully executed and Molly was able to say goodbye to the customer engagement and data gathering dilemmas. A win indeed.?