Does ShoutOUT Really Use ShoutOUT?

The answer is YES!

At ShoutOUT, we believe our application is not only good enough, but is also the best at every task it’s tailored for. Can you imagine the owner of Toyota driving a Mercedes, or the owner of Coca Cola drinking Pepsi? Of course not! All for the same reason, we believe that OUR product is the best (it is ?).

In what ways do we use it? I’m glad you asked (you did ?).

ShoutOUT is a customer engagement platform, so we use it mainly for building good customer relationships. It starts right from the customer acquisition stage.

Following up online generated leads

Like most businesses, we employ paid adverts to increase our reach, but people sign up for multiple ads everyday. In order to get real conversion, timely and personalized follow ups have to be done. If you interact with our ad, you’d probably hear from us in less than a second, calling you by your name.

To do this manually would be a herculean task, so we employ ShoutOUT to assist us immensely in it. ShoutOUT enables sending triggered campaigns — predefined messages to any user when a set activity (filling a form, clicking a link, etc.) has been completed by that user. It also has the advantage of being able to be integrated with Facebook ads, one of the leading online advertisement types.

Following up offline generated leads

ShoutOUT usage isn’t limited only to our online lead generation but also offline lead generation. When doing activities like cold calling, sending proposals and taking up of meetings, we like to keep track of and properly document it all.

For that we’ve employed a tool named Pipedrive. Pipedrive is like the personal sales assistant to our sales team. And thanks to Zapier (an app that lets you easily connect web apps), we were able to connect our Pipedrive account to our ShoutOUT account which enables a seamless transfer of contacts which are categorized as “won deals” on Pipedrive to ShoutOUT under the “app user” segment.

Engaging with our clients

In order to retain customers and get them to move from ordinary customers to loyal customers, it is vital to make an emotional connection with them. You do so by engaging regularly with them through the use of highly personalized email and SMS marketing (we talked about this in our most recently published article). This cannot be done manually if your customer base is larger than 50 (being lenient).

However, ShoutOUT makes this possible by providing a dynamic segmentation feature, a feature that automatically groups our customers based on their actions. For example, we at ShoutOUT like to segment our customers based on the industry they are in — if it’s a school, they would be added to the education leads segment. By doing so, only education-specific campaigns will be forwarded to them with each user addressed by their own name.

Updating clients on their payment status

We introduced Uniwor (the online accounting system we talked about here) in one of our recent blog posts. Uniwor, to make their solution even better, added an ‘integrate with ShoutOUT’ option to their application that enable their customers to send SMS invoices and payment reminders to all their clients and also to themselves to make their due payments. Further, it categorizes our invoices based on the payment status — paid, unpaid or partially paid — and this automation helps us avoid mistakes and confusion thereby making our in-house accountant to love her job.

Making effective decisions

The number one rule in any business ought to be “Track Everything!”. Decisions should not be made without data because you are not your customers, and therefore you shouldn’t and you can’t think or talk on behalf of them.

The campaigns you send out need to be tracked in order to know the open rate, the click through and even delivery rates. And ShoutOUT shows it all!

Campaign data enable you to recognize patterns that will bring about the necessary changes needed to be made in your campaign strategy.

We keep our business running and our customers happy thanks to ShoutOUT. Dont just read through, try ShoutOUT now itself. Your business deserves happy customers!