Don’t Shoot Your Facebook Campaign in the Dark

Digital marketing is undergoing a revolution! Welcome the data-driven approach.

A few days back, I met one of our customers and a good friend of mine who is running a fashion retailer, both online and offline. While we were having a chat on each other’s businesses, he said that he was worried because he hasn’t been getting enough conversion on Facebook like he used to. His ads seem to not be reaching enough people and the conversion is mostly from outside Colombo.

What could be the reason for this? Facebook calculates the cost per impression based on the competition to reach the same audience. If a lot of people are advertising to reach the same audience, then the one who gets through is the highest bidder.

So, how do we achieve better conversion without increasing the budget on Facebook?

You have to target your campaigns to the right audience and be specific as much as you can. In this article, I am going to share some tips we tried in order to create highly targeted audiences on Facebook for different campaigns for our customers.

Understand Your Customer Persona

Back to basics! It’s crucial to understand your potential customers’ personality, whereabouts, spend power, age group, behaviours, and a lot of other important factors. This is not only vital for Facebook advertising, but also for other digital and offline marketing campaigns.

Once you build the persona of your customer, it would be easy for you to find the right audience on Facebook. Most of the marketers create audiences based on demography and interest, but if you can target using behaviors, that’s much more advanced and will result in finding the accurate audiences.

Let’s say your are selling a product for high end users. We can assume that these customers are probably using iphones since it’s an expensive mobile device.

Let’s say you are a wedding planner or a wedding photographer. “Recently engaged users” might be the best potential customers for your business.

If you are offering a product for event organizers try “event creators” on Facebook.

Be creative and smart in defining your Facebook target audience. Go dig more into behavioral targeting on Facebook.

Use Your Existing Customer Data

This is the topic I discussed in detail in my last article too. If you are an established business with a database of customer information, it’s the biggest asset you have. Even if you are a small business, collect the mobile numbers or email addresses of your customers. You can upload the contact list on Facebook and find customers similar to your existing customers. Your won’t have to guess your audience anymore, Facebook will find the right audience for you.

Tip: ShoutOUT will soon be introducing an option to sync your customer segments with Facebook custom audiences. Yes! Everything will be automated.

Don’t have your customers’ data? Collect them from your website visitors

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have an existing customer data set. How about your website visitors? You are definitely happy to see the increasing number of visitors and the reducing bounce rate on Google analytics. But, you will be happier when you get to know what more you can do with your visitor’s data. (keep reading!)

Embed Facebook Pixel into your website. It will track the your website visitors and create an audience on Facebook. This audience has a higher potential to convert since they have already visited your website (they visited your website because are they interested in your offerings). And you can target these people real time on Facebook on different touch points and personalize the ad experience.

Build Content Relevant to Your Audience and Track Visitors

This is a long term strategy and you have to invest your time on this. Build relevant content for your potential audience — this can be a blog article, or a video on Facebook.

Let’s say you are offering a product or service for expectant mothers. It would be hard to create this audience on Facebook hypothetically. But, writing an article, or creating a video with relevant content for them will help you to attract the right people to read/watch your content. And you know the next step — track those visitors/viewers using Facebook pixel and create an audience. Then find a lookalike audience and target your ads.

What’s your data-driven approach to reach better audience? Please share with us.