Emoji Have Won Your Customers’ ?. Win Your Customer’s ? with Emoji

? there!

This is going to be about something we all ?, so get ready with a nice cup of ☕.

“EMOJI”… Not an unfamiliar term since they are sweeping the web and social media due to its immense popularity. And due to this very reason, ShoutOUT thought of having a look at what emoji can do.

So, what exactly are emoji❓

The term and the concept of ‘emoji’ is originally Japanese and roughly translates into pictograph ( 絵 E — picture/drawing, 文字 — moji — letter). Emoji were first created by the Japanese communications firm NTT Docomo in the late 1990s and can represent many things from human ? and animal ? faces with expressions ? to extraterrestrials objects?. As social media came into being, emoji turned out to be very popular among all, and now have secured an undefeatable place in blog posts, email, and every type of online content.

Why should we bring emoji into our online content?

Ask yourself this question, “why do I use emoji in my chats and texts?” (the better version would be, “why do I happen to use more emoji in my texts than letters?” ??)

Your immediate replies would be, “I can express my idea in the best way”, “it is fun to use them” etc.

There we go !

  1. Emoji add a touch of chumminess to our formal writing

Emoji is what we express all our feelings and moods through, when we text our friends ? , lover ?, family ? or anyone. And this is the very reason why 92% of the online population use emoji. So why not break that formality between us and our readers in the same manner?

“It will be interesting to read online content with emoji and we can take the reader into a different mood, like how one is when texting a friend, when they read our content!”

Let’s not make them bored anymore! ?

2. Emoji make what we want to convey precise.

Sometimes things get misunderstood or confused because of the way in which we put our ideas into words.

Sorry for the delay in processing your order.

Sorry for the delay in processing your order ??

It is obvious that the second one is able to convey better that we truly regret and care for our customer while lessening the chance the customer goes mad at us, whereas the first one lacks any such emotions and will make the customer reply “do you even care?” Ouch! ?

3. Emoji can help you attract millennials! ?

It won’t be wrong if we say millennials comprise the majority of who use emoji on a daily basis on different social media platforms. And it is them that we target most when we promote our products and services. This connection makes it why the more we should use emoji in our content. A good example would be the many popular campaigns conducted by different brands including the one by Ford with the use of emoji, resulting in 25,000 downloads each day for 10 days, leading to 40,000 shares and totaling more than 1 million impressions. Emoji aren’t anything to be taken lightly!

4. Emoji can tell a whole story for you!

The next time you create an illustration, or a video to promote your products, do it using emoji. It would not only be more expressive, interesting and fun to view than reading texts , but also leave a nice impression of us with our prospects. The impact of it will also be higher as we tend to react to emoji like we do to real human faces.

The above are some of the aspects about using emoji we should look into as emoji prove to be a powerful tool potent enough ? to bring about a drastic change to how our writing appeals to our prospects and customers. It not only adds a personal touch to get close to the reader, but also makes our content interesting to read. Try giving it a shot. It’s worth it! ?

Source : 2015 Emoji Report