Employee Text Messaging System for Easy, Secure & Fast Employee Communication

Employee text messaging systems are a thing, and if your organization is yet to use it, it’s high time you did. Now that employees of many organizations are working virtually from home, an employee text messaging system can save your work efficiency in so many ways. Even if employees are reporting to the physical workplace, recent happenings taught us enough to be equipped with a proper communication system in times of emergencies. 

In fact, 80 percent of professionals are currently using SMS for business purposes. At the same time, 70 percent of employees are of the opinion that texting needs to be used for interoffice communication (Source: SHRM).

With such a big interest out there in implementing a text alert system for employees, consider if you can increase work efficiency and the efficiency of the organization as a whole using an employee text messaging system. 

Why Is It Not Optimal to Use Communication Tools or Third Party Applications for Interoffice Communication?

Yes, there are many office tools out there that you can use to communicate with employees. But many of them need installing ANOTHER software or application. Would your employees like it? Umm, not really! Having to install communication software or third party social media applications can bring in more bad than good. 

  • Simply because having to install more apps in the mobile phone is something people generally do not prefer. That, too, is much less liked when it is not an app that one finds interesting. If you, for one second, thought that your employees would find an office app interesting, here’s a moment of silence for you.  
  • For you, it will be an additional cost. 
  • Social media apps could allow information breach. 
  • Many will need an internet connection to receive messages.
  • With enough work to do in the office, employees will not happily welcome one more additional task to learn a whole new tool just to carry out office communication.
  • With other programs and tools to use on a daily basis for office work, another tool just to communicate will only be a burden. 
  • It is too much technology fatigue, people! 

If Not Technology, Would Manual Phone Calls Do?

Manual Communication Vs. SMS Communication

How is an Employee Text Messaging System a Better Choice for Interoffice Communication?

Well, it is because an SMS alert system for employees is not any of the above reasons. 

  • There is no third party or communication app installation. SMS comes as a basic and inbuilt facility for any kind of mobile phone, be it a smartphone or a feature phone. It is just there, it does not feel like an extra burden. 
  • Every phone does the receiving of SMS messages by itself. Employees do not need extra training to learn how to text. 
  • Any phone can receive SMS any time because they do not need an internet connection to work.
  • With a 98% open rate for SMS, people habitually tend to check them. 
  • Text message communication logs are always there on both ends, increasing both employee and employer accountability. 

Well, there you go! Could you have asked for a cheaper and better option to communicate with your employees? 

This option has always been there right under your nose (and in your employees’ pockets). You just need to start using it in the right way for the right purposes. 

Employee Text Messaging System – For Which Type of Organizations Can You Use It?

Well, you can use a text alert system for employees of any type of organization. Sometimes, it is not only for the employees of your organization that you can use a text alert system for. 

Employee Text Messaging System for Organizations

Employee Text Messaging System – Types of Organizations and Their Use Cases 


Given the large number of employees, the benefits of an employee SMS messaging system to a government organization are manifold. You can also use SMS alerts to easily manage government related services to the public.

Use Cases 

You can easily streamline intercommunication across departments and agencies in a secure and easier way, at a lower cost. This is especially true to emergency notifications that everyone should be aware of. 

It is easier to manage and update about work that goes through employee positions of a hierarchical order.

Extra Benefits:

Government offices can quickly update people on reports, documents, certificates etc. that the public would request from government offices. They can send an SMS alert when the documents are available for collection. If they are digital documents, they could also text a website link where people can download those documents. 


Healthcare is a system where emergency communication occurs on a minutely basis. For such a context, it is best that you opt for the quickest as well as the most reliable form of communication, i.e., text messaging.

Use Cases

Update doctors, nurses and staff on emergency situations. Send essential medical and other information securely via SMS alerts on time. 

Inform the staff on roster changes in an instant. 

Text messaging for vaccination programs is another instance. Organize vaccination programs for the public in an efficient manner by sending registration links, vaccination information etc. via text messages. 

Extra benefits:

Send appointment confirmations, details, cancellations, reminders etc. on time to patients. You can also send payment links to get payments done easily.  

Update patients via SMS when medical reports are available for collection from medical clinics or laboratories. 

Learn more on how to use SMS notifications in the healthcare sector.

Professional Services

Update all employees regarding all information related to work via SMS.

Use Cases

Update employees on HR and company policy updates.

Send them emergency notices using SMS notifications. 

Quickly mobilize essential employees with fast text messaging. This is invaluable during emergency periods, equipment failures etc.  

Inform and remind them of weekly / daily meetings and conference calls. 

Easily communicate with off-site employees. 

Extra benefits:

For services such as banking, you can use text messaging to confirm credit and debit transactions to customers instantly and securely. 

You can also send OTP (One Time Passwords) via text messaging securely via SMS. 

Sample Employee Text Message

Educational Institutes

Schools, universities, tutoring services etc., too, can use SMS alerts for easy communication among employees.

Use Cases

Update the staff on emergency closures and roster changes. 

Inform and remind teachers about staff meetings.

Extra benefits

Communicate with parents and students about students’ progress.

Remind students about academic fee due dates. 

Read more on how you can use SMS for educational institutes and tutors.


SMS alerts for employee communication, as you could see, is arguably the easiest, quickest, most secure as well as cost-effective form of communication that you as an organization could implement. ShoutOUT, in fact, offers the most affordable SMS packages with a reliable service through our SMS tool. Start an account for your organization for FREE right now.