Ever Thought about Social Messaging Your Customers & Going Live ? It’s Time You Did!

Why am I writing this article on Medium? ?

To share information. ?

So that this article reaches a wider audience.?

To promote our blog.?

In other words, I’m writing this article on a social media platform because social media is the best for content sharing and promoting almost anything, and has the widest audience.

Social media, apart from the above characteristics, evolve with many different and useful features which are ideal for businesses for promotional purposes. In this article, I will be discussing about two such features.?

image source : mashable.com
  1. Social Messaging ✉

Did you know that social messaging apps have a wider community than social networks? ?

(image source :http://www.businessinsider.com/the-messaging-app-report-2015-11)

As you can see in the above image, social messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger have a wider community than their bigger networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram.

So, what does this fact say to us❔❓

What were earlier simply a mode of communication among peers ?, have now evolved into a bigger platform of connecting with brands, browsing merchandise, and watching content ?.

And it’s time that your business focused more on these social messaging platforms which have wider audiences.

In fact, a promotional message through Messenger will probably reach a much wider audience than your paid Facebook Ads, and a promotional video on Facebook and Instagram will be viewed by a larger audience on Whatsapp or Viber, due to the personal touch and transparency present in these platforms attracting millennials.

Why the more your business should utilize messaging apps for promotional purposes is because 62 percent of Millennials are more loyal to brands that engage them via messaging and social media, their preferred form of communication.

Add to it the fact that seventy-five percent of Millennials prefer messaging to voice communication — and it’s projected that 2 billion users will be messaging through OTT apps by 2018.

This fact is something that’s really worth thinking about, don’t you think?

2. Live Video ?

It’s not news that Facebook Live, Twitter’s Periscope, and Instagram Live have acquired immense popularity among their users.They let you capture live, unfiltered moments that qualify as “authentic content”. ? And yes, millennials love video content and are the most active video viewers in the US.

Why did you (and I) go crazy the moment we got to know about Sonu Nigam’s live performance in Sri Lanka, when you and I both have all his songs in our mobile phones or mp3 players??


Your millennial prosumers would love to watch your business activities live, for the same reasons!

It not only exposes them to their favourite brand’s activities, but also makes them feel that they are an important part of their favourite brand. Going live also will assure your prosumers about the transparency of your business activities. ?

Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than videos that aren’t live anymore, and Instagram Stories have 250 million daily active users, and these are really big audiences for you!

Therefore, use this feature to expose your business activities to your valuable customers thereby gaining their trust in your products as well as your business. ?

And, finally, if you are still not going to seriously think about utilizing these social media trends and their features at your hand for the benefit of your business, all your competitors will be miles ahead of you in no time!

???? ???

Don’t say I didn’t warn you ?

(See you next time with two more of such features that you will love to read about)

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