Facebook Lead Ads: Quality vs. Quantity

Facebook Lead Ads is an amazing tool to generate leads via Facebook ad campaigns, but it has also been the subject to many complains – the attracted leads are not quality leads. Reasons as to why you cannot get quality leads on Facebook — the main reason is wrong audience / audience is too broad.

So, in this article I am going to share some tips (which we tested at ShoutOUT Labs with our customers) on how to attract quality leads through your next lead ad campaign.

Good bye to Tap, Tap, Done ?

Tap, Tap, Done — That’s how Facebook introduced Lead Ads and it’s a super simple way to collect information from potential customers. They aren’t required to fill any forms. It’s just a matter of clicking on the lead ad and submitting the form since the form is auto-filled with information that Facebook already has.

Image source (https://instapage.com)

I am sorry, but you have to stop this unless you are targeting a mass market with your products. Many marketers hold back adding questions in fear of attracting a lesser number of leads with high cost per lead. But quality wins over quantity.?

Ask some question from the leads, so that the way people really want your product will be easily understood.

Eg: Let’s say your are doing a wedding planning business — ask “When are you planning to get married?”

Well, that way you can find out that the person who has registered with your lead ad has a real need for your service.

Moreover, questions will help you to understand more about your lead and personalize your follow up accordingly.

Target, Target, Target — the Right Audience

In my previous article I’ve discussed how to find the right audience for your ads on social media. That’s perfectly valid in this scenario too. Lookalike audience would be the best targeting option you can follow since you can find similar customers like your existing ones.

If you have good numbers of visitors in your webiste and if you lose many of them without signing up or inquiring your service, you should definitely try out lead ads with remarketing.

Eg: If you are into education business, target the people who visited particular course page and personalize your message accordingly — “Would you like to see more details about our foundation course? signup now”.

Start Loving Context Cards

Personally I am reluctant to add context cards since it’s adding one more step for the user to sign up for the lead ad. But that’s a great way to remove the cold leads since they will see about your offering in detail before they really sign up.


Yes! This is from ShoutOUT. You can seamlessly integrate Facebook lead ads with ShoutOUT and send automated follow up messages to them via SMS and Email. Not only that, you and your sales team can see the leads real time on ShoutOUT dashboard so that you can make follow up calls instantly.