Facebook Lead Ads : Two Magical Taps, a Bunch of New Customers

Facebook lead ads have been a hot topic recently because they have shown interesting outcomes for many businesses around the world by proving to attract many prospects with less effort.

Facebook lead ads let you sign up for something without leaving the Facebook page. When you click on the ad, a pop up on the same page with your details automatically filled, lets you sign up with less than just three clicks.

The thing about lead ads is that they let you get your work done without annoying your potential customers. They are a lot better in attracting customers and providing better results because the usual ads require the viewers to leave their current page to load another page in which they have to manually fill out their details, consuming their time and effort, and believe me, people hate to do that!

Know the best about it..

1. No more of dragging the viewer away to load a separate page

One of the best things about lead ads is that the form pops up on the Facebook page itself, without having to leave the current page, which I myself hate to do (extra data and 6 seconds wasted, phew! :/ ). It’s convenient for the viewer and saves for you those potential customers who would have been too lazy to leave Facebook otherwise.

2. Nothing for the viewer to type in!

No one’s ever said “I love filling out forms.” Who likes typing every detail of one self again and again? Lead ads knew it and therefore they don’t just load on the current page itself, but come prefilled! The information provided by the viewer in his Facebook profile is utilized in this case. So there’s no more potential customers of yours backing off as soon as they see forms to fill!

3. Just two taps and it’s done!

Just two clicks and it’s complete! Who on earth would not be more than happy to respond to such an ad? You won’t miss any of you prospects when you use this medium of ads.

Lead ads also come with many attractive features for the business itself.

1. Don’t bother anymore to create landing pages

As the form pops up on the current page itself, you don’t have to go through the trouble of creating a separate landing page every single time you are publishing something new. One big trouble down! Yay!

2. Everyone can get to view your ad without any fuss.

Not all mobile phones support loading landing pages and this puts the user in real trouble, not to mention how mad one can get! Lead ads save your soul by providing a pop up page which mobile users find no trouble loading on their mobiles.

Many businesses around the world are using lead ads because of these attractive features, and as Facebook Business mentions, “when Mazda switched to Facebook leads ads, they got 5X the number of leads compared to ads linking to their website, while cost per lead dropped 85%.” (New Features Make Lead Ads Better)

You can see that the new ad medium introduced by Facebook is really cool and perfect in every way, err.. well, except for the following.

First, lead ads do not notify you real-time when you get new leads. This is disadvantageous because the probability of converting leads into customers is higher only when you follow them up through some kind of communication channel, and sadly, Facebook doesn’t provide you with that. So, until you manually check for any new leads every single minute, the chance is high that you miss them. And this is no good! All the trouble you go through will go to waste if you don’t follow up every new lead immediately.

Second, you can’t get to know your leads until you download the CSV file Facebook provides you. This is so old school and takes away the whole benefit gained through lead ads since manually uploading the details of leads to the system consume much time and effort.

And as always, ShoutOUT appears on the scene to save you the hassle.

ShoutOUT lets you integrate your Facebook lead ads with it and eliminate any trouble discussed above.

You can keep yourself updated with new leads you get via ShoutOUT because ShoutOUT provides you with up to date details of every new lead, as soon as they signup through your Facebook lead ad.

Besides, ShoutOUT also facilitates following up every new lead with an automated SMS and Email system. Using this facility, an SMS and email is automatically sent to the new lead just as he/she signs up. Perfect, isn’t it?

Facebook lead ads are really more effective than the usual ads, and ShoutOUT makes Facebook lead ads complete and perfect by integrating with them. Save your precious time and work by welcoming lead ads to your biz and reap the best out of them by integration with ShoutOUT.

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