Facebook Messenger: The Future of Email Marketing?

Today, Facebook Messenger alone has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. That’s over 15% of the world’s population messaging on the platform every month. On top of that, the number of email users are projected to reach 2.9 billion by 2019. Still, Email wins!

It’s true that Facebook Messenger and email are two different channels for different purposes. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Even though we use Messenger to connect with our family and friends, Facebook is investing heavily on making it a marketing tool for brands to engage with their consumers.

Messenger makes it easier to create and build a strong bond between brand and customer. According to a study by Nielsen, more than 1 in 2 people say that they are more likely to shop with a business with which they can communicate using messaging.

So, Can Messenger overtake Email?

This is what I think.

Messenger is More Personal than Emails

  • We use Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and many other chat apps to connect with our friends and family. But, haven’t you ever chatted with a brand to purchase something that you have seen on Facebook, and made some inquiries about their services.? And for many of you the answer is “YES”. You would hardly do that via email, especially in today’s world.

Anyway, will people like to receive random marketing messages from brands on Messenger? Well, that’s a question for marketers to answer. Great marketers can be more innovative with features and tremendous oppontuiries offered on Messenger platform to reach out their customers in innovative ways.

Not only that, Messenger users have more freedom to unsubscribe from the messages they don’t want to receive.

Messenger is Not an Option for Bulk Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a great tool for marketers to push out their offerings to potential customers.

It’s still a trend. Anyway, Messenger is not an option for your email marketing campaigns.

Facebook wants to ensure the privacy of their users. What marketers has to understand is that Messenger is not a bulk messaging marketing platform to shoot out messages. It only allows you to send messages to people who has engaged with your brands on Facebook via Messenger.

If you you think that you can reach out to people on Messenger like bulk email marketing, nah, that’s not the right platform for you.

Scale Personalized 1:1 Communication with Messenger

Communication is a key factor to building a very loyal customer base. At past, in a brick and mortar store, businesses talked to their customers person to person. That builds a great relationship between the customer and the brand. Can we still do that in this digital world?

With Messenger bots you can scale one to one communication with the customer rapidly without human involvement. With email campaigns you have less chance to engage with the customer then and there. And can you scale it? Not an easy thing!

Messenger gives you 10X more click rates compared to Email

How many promotional emails do you have in your inbox even without opening them. The open rate and click rate of email marketing has been dropping drastically. Email gives your around 3–5% click rates while SMS gives you 15–20% and Messenger gives you more than 50% of click rates. With the newest additions on Messenger ads, now you can directly send messages to your customers’ Messenger inbox. But for you to directly message them, they should have engaged with you on Messenger previously.

Messenger is Fast and Interactive

Via email, you can send out a campaign and drive customers to your prefered call to action via a Button or by replying to the email. But Messenger has so many options to engage with your customers. You can ask them to buy stuff on Messenger itself. Yes! You can pay on Messenger, get directions to the shop and may be book an Uber. You can do everything on Messenger without navigating to different apps or landing pages.

With Messenger bots you can totally automate the conversation too. Why don’t you answer customer FAQs or automate your order process fully via Messenger?

Bottom Line

It’s still true that Messenger and email are two different types of channels. But you can replace most of your communication with the use of Messenger and make it more interactive.

If you would like to talk more about how Messanger can help you build more effectively, let’s talk!