There’re Some Facts About Your Customers Which You Should Never Ever Forget — Do You Know What They…

Another year just began ?, and I bet you are still celebrating it ?, or busy making plans for the new year ?, or just chilling out ? (like me ✋). And for these reasons, I decided that the first article of the year shouldn’t take much of your celebration / planning / chilling-out time. So, what you have below is something short and sweet, and nonetheless, important.?

What you see here are very crucial characteristics of your customers and leads which we tend to forget / ignore.? And why I decided to share these facts (which I’m sure you already know, but just in case, you know!?) is because forgetting or ignoring them will not do any good to the growth of your business?. Just read through the simple captions, and if you feel like you should read more on them, scroll down!?


Ahem, want to refresh your memory? Keep reading.

  1. Your customer is another human being like you are??

So, your speech, behaviour, and attitude towards them should show that you treat them as another human being, not as some being with no emotions but money.

2. Your customer has a name,⚠

and what are names there for? Call your customer NOT as “customer”, but using their name.? Let them experience a human and intimate connection with your business, not a monetary and distant one.

3. Your customer has a gender ??

It’s true that this world has long been dominated by our male friends, but times have changed, and are changing. And it is not always a “he” anymore, it is a “she” too ?. Your customers being people with awareness, they expect you to possess “good” attitudes too ?. So, make sure you don’t make your customers undergo virtual gender changes.

4.Your customer is a millenial ?

You should act like one too. Yes, that’s how you win their trust. Show that you are up to date with the latest technology and services.

5. Your customer lives in a ‘smart’ world.?

‘Smart’ technology has invaded almost all of the areas at present, and in future, it will only be ‘smartER’. Your millenial customer breathes ‘smart’ technology on a daily basis and they expect their service providers to be doing the same. Yes, you should too!?

6. Your customer is a smartphone-lover ??

You are too, right? Well, who isn’t? Your millenial customer is on the phone 24/7 — their smartphone screen is literally the last thing they see before they fall asleep, and the first thing they open their eyes to ?. In short, it is the love of their life. So, use the smartphone features to get to your customers — make your website mobile friendly, provide apps to use your service efficiently.

7. Your customer prefers “online” to “offline” ?

As mentioned earlier, they’re millenials, and are on the phone most of their time. Texting, chatting, sharing pictures and information, and all the rest which I’m pretty sure I needn’t mention are performed online now. With many more ‘online’ activities such as online purchases ?, online payments ?, online banking etc. been introduced, your customer would rather prefer to communicate with you via online messaging or emailing than calling, or pay online than travelling all the way to pay for your products.

8. Your customer isn’t in love with you to remember you all the time ?

You should appear in front of them on their smartphone screens ? (which they love!) in the form of attractive cupid-like SMS, emails etc., but NOT TOO OFTEN either. Let them know you remember and love, and do it gently ?!

9. Your customer has a life of their own ?

That’s why I asked in the previous point not to contact them too often. ⏰ One wrong timing can ruin the whole customer relationship. Study your customer’s behaviour, and decide which time and day of the week / month is best to send them promotional emails and SMS campaigns. In short, please don’t wake them up at 2.00 am in the morning with your emails or SMS. ?

10. Your customer isn’t interested in everything you sell ?

Learn your customer’s data and behaviour ?- know their age, gender, study which product categories they have most visited, or what product categories are mostly in their shopping cart. It will help you decide which promotional emails you should be sending to a particular customer. I mean, you don’t want to recommend chicken nuggets to a vegan, do you??

Good luck with all your business activities this year too! ?