Facebook Lead Ads, the Bridge for Your Leads to Reach Your Real Estate Properties!

Reaching leads, let alone converting them, has been a real hustle all along due to the high cost incurred and difficulty in aiming the right targets. Engaged in real estate businesses, I’m sure, with the first hand experience you have, you know better than me the hard work one has to perform to get a handful of leads.

You might have attempted all the ways in the world to attract leads to your real estate business: advertising in the paper, telly, radio, putting up banners which people hardly read, or posting an ad in some site for which you get only two or three responses. The reason for these kinds of advertising to be less effective (the bitter truth you already know) is that they don’t reach that right faction who are in the need of your assistance as you’re just another realtor among a bunch of others.

So, Facebook, with 844 million active mobile users, introduced an ad medium just for you, which has proven to bring about attractive conversion rates and cost per lead. This ad type, known as Facebook Lead Ads, is the ideal ad type for real estate businesses because the cost is really lower (only ⅓ of website campaigns to be precise) and it lets you target the right person in the right place. ??Well, after all, real estate businesses are all about getting the right person to the right place right?

To walk you through how lead ads work, this ‘Tap-Tap-Done’ ad medium shows up as a pop up on the user’s Facebook page itself, with a pre-filled form which the user have to submit by clicking the call to action button. Yeah, that’s simply it and it’s simple as that!

One fact that makes Facebook Lead Ads the perfect marketer for your real estate business is that you require leads who will soon feel the need of your service due to significant changes in their lives. Some examples would be expectant and new parents who’ll soon feel their current house too small, the employee sector with new job recruits and transfers, and the newly married.

Facebook Lead Ads let you target your audience when setting up your ad, and utilizing the user data in Facebook, your ad is shown up on the news feed of those quality leads who can potentially be converted into real customers.

You also need higher conversions with a minimum cost. And the money you spend on creating landing pages for each of your ads is more like a waste because the majority user being mobile users with difficulty in loading web pages tend to give up loading ads halfway or completely ignore them.

The good news is you can save all that money (to finally buy that villa may be ? ) while increasing lead conversion rate more than ever as Lead Ads don’t require loading a separate page to respond to the ad — the pre filled form automatically populates on the Facebook page itself, making it really easy for your lead to respond to you. (FYI, 44% of Facebook users worldwide access Facebook only on a mobile device). This not only saves a great deal of your money but also increase lead conversion probability with the simple and easy ad medium.

As you can see, Facebook Lead Ads let you easily reach and convert your leads without breaking a sweat.

The only pain points are that you don’t get notified in real-time every time you get a new lead and you’ve to manually download a CSV file in order to see your leads.

Real-time notifications are very important because unless you follow your new leads immediately after they respond, the risk is higher you lose them. Just like yours and mine, their minds are also preoccupied with a lot of other stuff and your business is not the only one trying to get attention. Ouch!

Besides, manually downloading the CSV file with the info of your leads and feeding them back to the system are both tiring and time consuming. I won’t be lying if I say it takes away the whole efficiency of the process.

This is where ShoutOUT comes in handy just so that you can get as many leads as you want without losing the efficiency of your work.

ShoutOUT lets you integrate Facebook Lead Ads with it, thereby facilitating real-time notifications and automated follow up emails/SMS for every new lead, and also lets you view up to date details of your leads. Your real estate business can leverage this perfect combination of Facebook Lead Ads and ShoutOUT to reach the right leads and have “a happy ever after”! ?

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