7 Easy Steps to Take Your Customer Acquisition Efforts to the Next Level at a Considerably Low Cost

Here you can select the category of people you want to view your ad. This is a necessary step as targeting everyone is confusing and equivalent to selling nothing whilst still incurring cost.

Let me walk you through it. Giving tips on how best to optimize it.

#1 Page Setup

Selecting the Facebook page you want to promote

#2 Targeting your audience

Here you can select the category of people you want to view your ad. This is a necessary step as targeting everyone is confusing and equivalent to selling nothing whilst still incurring cost.

Also, a principal concept in marketing shows that targeted customers are loyal customers.

When targeting an audience however, a lot of wrong mindsets and methods are applied

For example,

You might be thinking to yourself “but I want everyone to know about my company so everyone has to see the ad” well this objective on its own isn’t bad but depending on your type of business this might be bad economics.

*Tip: Three questions you need to ask yourself before you begin targeting.

These questions help you to know your business model, which allows you target best and Facebook Lead Ads lets you to be all levels of specific when targeting your adviewers, so dont hold back!

# 3 Placement

Proper Ad placement helps you to effectively reach more people, thereby accounting for the better spending of your budget. This section helps you determine that, i.e it helps you determine the section you want your ad to appear on the audience page. This could be automated or manually selected. You also have the option of running the campaign across all other apps belonging to the Facebook family.

#4 Budget and Schedule

In this step an estimation of the amount you are willing to spend on your ad daily and a declaration of the duration of the ad, i.e. stating how long you want the ad to be run for, will be requested.

A total of your expenses during the ads’ set duration based off of your given budget amount will be shown to you after you complete the step.

#5 Setting Up your advert

This is another crucial area to pay attention to. The option of determining the form of advertisement you want to push out is provided. Whether it be in form of a picture, video, slideshow or carousel. Keep the aim of the campaign in mind whilst making your decision.

Aside from selecting and inserting your media, you add your text here. It enables you to give your advert a headline and choose the call to action button.

*Tip: Most users will make their decision based off of whatever info is given in the ad so make it relevant!

#6 Making the Form

Made available are field options or list of details which could be gotten from potential leads. These details pertain to almost all business types given the different business goals within them. There’s also a custom question option which enables you to prompt the user for answers to your own self-made questions.

These forms will enable you gather data about leads that will aid follow up.

*Tip: select field options based on the goal of the campaign

#7 Placing Order

This is the final step! all you have to do here is click the place order button and you’re done for the most part.

Whats Next?

Well retrieving your CSV File! This document contains the filled-in answers to the submitted form by a person, now lead (interested user). This is great because you can easily do your follow up thereby converting the lead to a customer and further.

Using this data you could go on to create a customer audience and a lookalike audience, so as to re-market to already gotten leads and customers or find new ones who are similar to the people that interacted with your ad and filled your form, respectively.

Bonus Tip!

You’ve read about how easy it is to run Facebook lead ads, now let me be real and admit that there are some down parts to it. Firstly, it lacks Real-time notifications when you get a new lead and secondly, you have to manually download the CSV file before you can see the info of your leads. Talk about inconvenient! ?It almost beats the purpose as the customer would most likely have forgotten or lost any interest in the product by the time you’re able to get their details and do follow up. And lets not forget that you’re not the only one shooting ads to them.

Oh and then there’s the time consuming task of entering the lead details into your database for storage.urgh ?

It would be horrible of me to list all these issues without offering a solution?

Solution — ShoutOUT

This is a platform which enables you get all the good facilities provided by Facebook lead ads whilst countering all the bad. As it is a Customer relationship manager, information about leads can be automatically stored on it and retrieved easily. ShoutOUT integrates with Facebook lead ads to provide real-time notifications for every new lead! It doesn’t end there, it also enables you to send automated emails/sms to each new lead.

When you employ Facebook lead ads in combination with ShoutOUT, you provide your business with the most effective way of poaching new clients. what a win!??

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