ShoutOUT Product Update: Here’s What’s New From June

It’s time to have a glance at the month of June and see what ShoutOUT has got especially for you . There is so much exciting (and beneficial 😉 ) news for you in this post which we’re sure you would love!

The ShoutOUT update for the month June is here with lots of new features and fixes you’d be very happy to experience.

Let me brief them for you.

Updated developer SDKs and revamped developer site

Our technical team always try to make it really easy for the developers to integrate with ShoutOUT. So we updated all our SDKs to further simplify the integration and revamped the developer site with a new look and more content.

ShoutOUT Developer Hub

Sample message sending before launching a broadcast SMS campaign

You must have felt the necessity to send out a sample SMS before launching a broadcast SMS campaign. And we added that feature in the new update. This will enable you to preview and check how your message will be delivered to the recipients.

All you have to do is click “Send Sample” and enter the mobile number you want to send it out to.

Click on “Send Sample”
Enter the Mobile Number and click “Send”

Option to add social media icons to email content

We know the importance of social media in the present business context as a means of engaging with customers. Hence, we added the newest feature on the email editor for you to promote your social media profiles through the emails themselves.

All you have to do is click on the ‘+’ button and add ‘Social’. Then paste the URLs to your social media profiles on the relevant fields. Then, when your email recipient clicks on an icon, they will be taken to the particular social media profile.

Click on “Social”
Set social media URLs

Optimized contact detail fetching

Having a header row when you fetch contacts to ShoutOUT via an excel or csv file is not essential anymore. You can import with, or without the header row, and the system will detect that intelligently and import the contacts accordingly.

  1. If you have headings in the first row, the row will be ignored and contacts will be uploaded to ShoutOUT from the second row onward.
  2. If you do not have headings in the first row, the contacts will be added to ShoutOUT from the first row itself.

These are some of the changes we have made to make your ShoutOUT experience more pleasant. If you have more suggestions, drop us an email at

Happy ShoutOUT-ing ! 🙂