Loved Medium, But We Are Leaving?

Now, medium is a great place for that instant blogging feature.?? It removes the need for html JavaScript and css knowledge? and just enables you to write there.


And no, this will not be a petty post. ?Stay with me for a second.

Now, medium is a great place for that instant blogging feature.?? It removes the need for html JavaScript and css knowledge? and just enables you to write there. ?It offers its users limited but suitable and customizable features such as enabling the user to upload an avatar (profile picture), set their bio, colour scheme and logo.

The site provides the necessary statistics ? needed like the number of reads and clicks, alongside the number of ‘claps’ which is their alternative for likes. Also, it has a free package option, which requires your site to be hosted on their server.

It is easy to use, reliable, and has built-in social networking features.So why then did we leave and where did we move to??

For simple, but major reasons? and we now use WordPress.


Metrics tracking?

For starters, we require the ability to track the content present on our site. Our blog is a means to the end, not the end itself. We have set up our blog to grow an audience and lead them to our application, ShoutOUT.  In order to do this, data about the users that visit each post is required. We need to know what platform they come from i.e. whether Facebook, Instagram or just organic, their age group and so on. Knowing how our audience interacts with our website is crucial for our success. So, rather than foregoing our goals and plans, we switched sites.


Completely and Totally Customizable?

WordPress provides themes, plugins, and widgets at your command making it possible for the users to do literally almost anything (website-wise, that is).

We are able to install Google Analytics – one of the best tools to know your audience through traffic stats for FREE – in our new site.

Given the option to run an installation of WordPress on our server, we opted for it. This way, we can evolve our blog to include a chat application and other features we think up from time to time.

WordPress is actually seen as a superior product because it’s meant to be a framework, not just a writing platform.


The Biggest Reason: Audience is ours??

With Medium, you don’t own your audience, the people that read your blog. That’s owned by Medium, they are medium users.

We came to a stage where we wanted to reach out to the people that read our articles and show them some of our offers but sadly, we didn’t know who they were.

That’s the most compelling reason why we decided it was time to say goodbye to medium.

Your content is owned by ‘A Medium Corporation’, and they can decide to shut it down, change algorithm, announce new pricing plans or cancel your account at anytime causing you to loose all your content AND audience.

With your own installation of WordPress, you own it and are in full control.



The reasons why WordPress is our go-to choice.

  • It is free (important factor if you’re a startup like us).?
  • We own our website and all its data. Full control.??
  • We can add free, paid, and custom plugins/apps.?

Medium might be the perfect suit for you, just like not everyone loves iOS?, some people prefer Android because of the level of complexity, flexibility and freedom it allows.?? In the same way, WordPress caters more to our needs than Medium. My simple advice will be to determine your goals first and see which platform aligns best.?