Say Hello to ShoutOUT Lite, SMS API for Developers

Hey there. I’m Tharindu (@geniustd), a maker of ShoutOUT. For the past 2 years, we have been building ShoutOUT for better customer communication and engagement. Even though we build tools mainly for marketers, we have also seen how developers use our APIs innovatively. So we cannot forget our beloved tech geeks.

Moreover, there is tremendous improvement in app development and building tech startups both locally and globally over the past few years. Communication being one of the main components of any software application, we thought of building ShoutOUT Lite which is an SMS API for developers to enable communication in their apps. And we know that international SMS APIs are not well supported in Sri Lanka and they are too expensive.

“I can directly get an SMS gateway from an operator?”, you might think. Well, it’s a hectic process to get an SMS gateway from any operator; you have to go through lots of paperwork, unfamiliar technical jargons and also make a huge initial investment. So why go through all that trouble when we have done all that work for you?

It’s time for you to do innovations with ShoutOUT Lite API.

Developing an ecommerce website? — automate order process status notifications via SMS.

Developing a SaaS app? — Integrate two-factor authentication via SMS.

Doing a fintech application? — Send mission critical notifications via SMS.

Opportunities with ShoutOUT Lite API are endless. Grab them!

How ShoutOUT Lite API works

What next?

It’s just the beginning. We will be adding new routes to our backend globally. We will also soon open up our API for many African and European countries. Yes! They are direct connectivities, not gray routes.

Trying ShoutOUT Lite is easy-breezy and free. It takes just 5 minutes to send your first message from your application. Sounds cool right?

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