Send Text Messages That Deliver | ShoutOUT Product Update | New & Improved Features

Send text messages easier than ever! 

A good product is a product that keeps improving. Following that, we continually update ShoutOUT with new features and functions to meet user as well as industry requirements and standards. This month, we updated the product with several UI and UX improvements. 

Smooth Onboarding Process

New users can now send text messages and email campaigns via ShoutOUT easier than ever. 

The well organized process guides new users step by step to create contacts, run test campaigns and go live with ShoutOUT. This smooth process allows users to walk through the platform easier and learn the options within minutes. 

Onboarding Process ShoutOUT
Onboarding Process

Dashboard with New and Improved Features

Send Text Messages in Three Steps with Quick Campaign Creation

Earlier, clicking on the “Create” button will give you options to select from “Broadcast” and “Trigger” campaigns. Then, you need to select the segments. After that, you will have to select whether you are sending an SMS or Email campaign. Selecting this will send you to choose the sender ID, and then, finally, to type / compose the message. This was a long process with too many steps that consumed too much time for you. Moreover, there were no separate channels for SMS and Email. 

send text messages in three steps
Quick Campaign Creation

In the new update, this complexity was eliminated. It is much simplified that in three steps, a user is able to send text messages and email campaigns. Once you click on the “Create” button, you will get a drop down menu to select either “SMS” or “Email”. Then, you will be directed to the new all-in-one campaign creation view. It is all-in-one, because unlike in the earlier version, you can enter the campaign name, sender ID, contact list, and scheduling in the same place. Fill them in, and then you will go to the message composing view. 

Live SMS Preview

Live SMS Preview
Live SMS Preview

A new and cool addition to the message compose box is the SMS Live Preview. The SMS Live Preview is the feature where there is a mobile phone screen on the right side of the message composing box. As you type the SMS, the mobile phone screen will be automatically updated with the SMS you type. This helps you view the SMS the same as your recipients see it once you send text messages. This feature helps you easily check for errors and make adjustments to improve the SMS overall. 

Live SMS Preview

Send Text Messages to Multiple Segments 

This feature allows you to select more than one segment  / group of contacts to send your SMS campaign to. This eliminates the hassle in having to send separate campaigns for several groups of people. Saves your time and efforts! 

send text messages to Multiple Segments
Multiple Segments

All Sender ID Options in One Place

As you already know, ShoutOUT provides the options to send text messages and emails under a unique name or a number. Earlier, you had to view the sender ID by going through the profile option. However, in the new update, all sender ID related actions can be accessed via the “Senders” tab on the navigation bar. Here, you are able to access all SMS sender IDs, Email sender IDs, as well as phone numbers. You can also request for new IDs from here.

Requesting an Alphanumeric Sender ID

Business Registration
Document Upload Option

Countries have different restrictions on issuing alphanumeric sender IDs. To ease the process, we let you submit the relevant documents for each country based on their regulations, on the ShoutOUT platform itself. It is much easier, quicker and automated now. 

Purchasing a Mobile Number 

send text messages to toll free US numbers
Mobile Number Purchase

Moreover, you are also able to purchase toll free as well as local phone numbers along with preferred area codes for the United States as well Canada. Soon, there will be more countries and options.

Well, that summarizes the most recent updates done to ShoutOUT. If you have not checked them out yet, log in or sign up. By the way, did you know that ShoutOUT is now available in the United States and Canada

Await more cool updates soon!