ShoutOUT Collect: Exceeds Your Expectations of the Conventional Forms

ShoutOUT Collect is another conventional form solution. Did I say “another”? Yes, it looks like another conventional form solution, but it comes with something handy that you love.

The ShoutOUT Collect form was a hidden feature in ShoutOUT but with many users. We haven’t even created a landing page for it yet. So, we thought of writing about ShoutOUT Collect, and why our users love it while there is a lot of conventional forms out there like Google Forms, Survey Monkey, etc.

It adds color to ShoutOUT

Some of our customers wanted to collect customer data at different touch points manually like at exhibitions, stores, and for pre-event registrations, etc. That’s a default feature many CRM platforms come with, a simple subscriber form to get customer sign ups. So, we had two options: either go with the existing solutions or build our own form solution. And here we are, we built it.

It supports mobile number format validation

Validating an email address is a default feature many form solutions provide. What about the mobile number? It’s a nightmare to validate a mobile number on Google forms or any other solution, plus the mobile number format varies according to the country. To make it worse, people type mobile numbers in different formats, with country code, with zero, without zero… However, ShoutOUT Collect validates the number format and stores it correctly on ShoutOUT CRM. No more hard work for you to be bothered about correcting wrong number formats one by one after you collect the data.

Send automated messages for form submission

Let’s say this is an event registration and you want to acknowledge to people via an SMS that you received their details. I know, you would love to do it but it’s another nightmare.. You may use Zapier and connect your form solution and SMS gateway. That’s too much work!

Well, life doesn’t have to be that hard. ShoutOUT can send automated SMS to the customer right away when they sign up on the ShoutOUT Collect form.

Are people really using ShoutOUT Collect?

Yes! In many formats. ShoutOUT Collect comes in different formats – it exists as a mobile app, in an embeddable form, and as an easily accessible form via our collect web URL(

We have a MOBILE APP, Classic Travel uses it to collect leads data


Last week, we released the mobile app for Classic Travels. They use it to collect customer data at the FACET 2018 exhibition.

Where can you use the ShoutOUT Collect Mobile app? It’s ideal for places where you talk to customers and ask for their contact details or want to get them to participate in a raffle draw.

It’s EMBEDDABLE, CSBM uses it for event signups



ShoutOUT is the messaging partner for the CSBM event ‘Evening with a Corporate Leader’. They wanted to collect event signups on their website’s landing page for the event where each participant receives an acknowledgment message. So we made the ShoutOUT Collect form embeddable to their website. Check out the following URL and see how the form looks like. It can be embedded into your website too. Check that out –

Accessible via ‘Collect’ URL, ‘Direct 2 Door’ collects potential customer details


DIrect2Door is an online store that delivers groceries to your doorstep. When they were launching, they wanted to capture the initial customer base from the corporates. So, Direct2Door used ShoutOUT Collect form to get registrations from the early customers and they sent the form via email campaigns.

Check the URL below –

Would you like to try out ShoutOUT Collect forms? Just put a chat message to us.