ShoutOUT Lite Woocommerce Plugin Is Out! Here’s What You Can Do.

One of the best things about SMS is how omnipresent it is — whether you have a high profile smartphone, or an old ’90s phone you are still able to send and receive SMS messages with no effort at all.

One of the best things about SMS is how omnipresent it is — whether you have a high profile smartphone, or an old ’90s phone you are still able to send and receive SMS messages with no effort at all.

SMS is widely used by ecommerce businesses now because it is a really great strategic tool in maintaining effective communication with your customer if you use it well, at the right time, in the right manner. If you’re wondering why SMS hasn’t worked for you even if you tried, you better not miss a single word down there (wink ;)).

The trick is to recognize the important stages in any customer purchase where you have to trigger SMS notifications, and doing this right is what the whole story of your success is about!

Let’s take the example of an online clothing store. The main stages you’re needed to focus on triggering SMS notifications will be as follows.

Order Creation

Hooray! You’ve got a new order through your online store. And this is the best time to get a little personal with your customer.

“Hey there Tim, the shirt you ordered looks like made just for you. We’ll let you know as soon as it leaves to your address. It won’t take long so keep your fingers crossed. Thanks”

Order on Hold

Did you accept an order on out of stock items? If so, let’s keep the customer reassured of a fast delivery of the ordered item.

“Hey Tim, the item you ordered happens to be out of stock currently. But no need to worry! We’re on it already and the new stock is on the way. Thanks for your patience”

Order Dispatched

You just completed another successful order and why not share your happiness with your customer too?

“Hello Tim, wait to hear your doorbell ring as your ordered items were just dispatched and are on their way. Thanks for shopping with us”

Order Delivered

Customers can’t wait to hear that their orders were safely delivered to the right person on time. Let them know that bit of happy news too.

“Your order was just delivered safely, Tim. How about you let us know what you think about us? We would be more than glad to hear”

Order Cancelled

You’ve to deal with customers in different situations and SMS is a real life saver if you have to talk to a customer who hasn’t paid for an order.

“Hey Tim, just happened to know that we haven’t yet received payment for your order. Sorry to say we had to cancel your order. If you’re still interested, you can reopen the order.”

Order Closed

Things don’t always go right and there might be instances when you’ve to refund an order. But still, you’ve got the chance to make it up to ensure their continuous loyalty by sending them a text like this.

“Hello Tim, sorry for any unpleasant experience and your payment has been refunded. Hope to see you around soon!”

SMS notifications triggering can be used by most of the ecommerce businesses which hope to build a wider, loyal customer base. The personal touch inherent in SMS is very effective in communicating with the customer in a friendly manner.

Updating your customers at each IMPORTANT stage of their orders’ processing gives them a clear idea of what’s going on at the other end and it is helpful in reducing the hassle of customers contacting you to inquire their order status.

So the happy news is that if you are using woocommerce for your ecommerce website, implementing all the above activities is just 5 minutes away. Try out our woocommerce plugin today, it’s lifetime free. You just need to have a ShoutOUT Lite account.

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