ShoutOUT Streamlined National CxO Forum’s Registrations, Communications & Check-ins

Automated SMS/Email notifications, Issuing digital passes and Attendee check-ins

With the aim of empowering business leaders, digital governments and organizations to get hold of better information, FITIS (Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka) organized the first ever National CxO Forum held successfully on 11th November 2016 at BMICH along with Infotel 2016, the biggest IT exhibition in Sri Lanka.

Established in 1996, FITIS represents the majority of Sri Lankan business firms engaged in software, hardware development, ICT education & training, Internet services and ICT professional development.


The biggest challenge the organizers had to face was organizing in an efficient manner, all the attendee details in one place easily accessible to them, without having to go through non-updated excel sheets or complex backend databases.

Next, the organizers were planning to communicate with all the attendees via phone, in order to keep them informed of the conference details, prior to the conference. And imagine having to call more than 200 attendees over the phone! It does sound fantastic, doesn’t it?

And that is where ShoutOUT decided to enter the picture, providing the organizers the space to better manage attendees without any hassle on their shoulders, because we knew they had so much other burden to carry. And how we managed it was by automating registrations and communication process, thus giving a better experience for the attendees.


First, we wanted to bring all the registrations into one place where organizers can see the progress and new details realtime. For that we collaborated with Bhasha Lanka, the developers of, to integrate ShoutOUT API with their registration forms. So, the very moment a new registration is made, the ShoutOUT dashboard is updated real time.

Great attendee experience with automated digital passes

We took another step forward by automating SMS and Email acknowledgment messages. When a person registers on, a notification is automatically sent to the attendee to confirm the registrations and inform the next steps.

2 days before the event, we sent automated digital passes with an unique code generated via ShoutOUT coupon service for all the attendees. And our Shoutout Coupon Service came in really handy when sending the personalized code for each attendee. Since all the attendees of this event were chief level executives, we took great care to reach them in a manner convenient to both them and us, by sending the code through both Email and SMS channels.

Image 2: Process of attendee registration and issuing digital pass
Image 3: Sample SMS and email content with unique attendee code

The inaugural National CxO Forum was Held on 11th of November 2016. ShoutOUT as our Communication Partner helped us to Track our Registrations, Dispatch Event Updates and obtain the Feedback from Participants. The event was planned and executed within a short span of 2 months by FITIS, without the use of the ShoutOUT solution we would not have been able to deliver the required information to registered participants on time.

Prasad Hettiarachchi | Head of the CXO Forum Organizing Committee

Attendee Check-ins

Next, the real challenge was how to mark the attendance without having a big queue at the entrance. And for that we used another smart feature of ShoutOUT Coupon Service, the redemption portal, to enter the registration codes and mark them as used, and just after which the attendees got an SMS with the confirmation and the agenda for the event. Cool! Right?

Image 4 : Process of attendee Check-in at the main gate

And the best thing about it was that it took only a couple of hours to build the whole process, and the attendee experience, it goes without saying, was fascinating.

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