SMS Marketing and Mobile Landing Pages: Why Combine Them?

Why is SMS Marketing still on the go?

  • 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes.
  • 98% of SMS are read compared to 20% of emails.
  • 96% of smartphone users text.

Moreover, we live in the mobile era where even a ten year old kid has a smartphone and millennials use theirs as their best buddy for shopping. And also, they are sure to view their texts on their smartphones.


Don’t you think this is the right time for you to do something more than just plain text marketing ?

Let’s take your text marketing to the next level using Mobile Landing Pages (Let’s be cool eh?)

Why Mobile Landing Pages?

It’s visualized

Don’t limit your audience to your product description (now, that’s selfish, okay?) let them have a look too! Trust me… They don’t mind following your text’s link to glance at your gorgeous new products!

Focused on conversion

You do have mobile responsive websites. But still, you DO NEED Mobile Landing Pages. Unlike the usual webpage with lots to see and do, visitors will not be distracted in Mobile Landing Pages because they’re directed only to the expected and required action/s.

Have a glance at sample Mobile Landing Pages for fashion stores and restaurants below.

Too busy to create Mobile Landing Pages?

We’ve guessed it right then! It is for you that we’ve reinvented SMS marketing with ShoutOUT! We design your favorite Mobile Landing Page templates for you. And hey! Select your own template from the ShoutOUT dashboard too…!

Give it a try!

I bet you never knew that Mobile Landing Pages, connected with SMS could do so much! Now that you know, give ShoutOUT a try… You’ll be surprised to see your sales increasing as never!