Text Messaging for Healthcare [Infographic]

Text messaging for healthcare is a practice that you can utilize in your medical institutes in several ways. However, what you need to focus more is on the ‘why’. The reasons that you need to be using text messaging as a healthcare institute.

Doctors, nurses, healthcare authorities, patients and other related personnel that work in healthcare deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. In such a context, reliability, accountability, accuracy, efficiency etc. are essential characteristics of their communication.

Reliability – Any phone can receive text messages and they have 98% open rate.
Accountability – Text message inbox has all the received and sent texts for reference, any time.
Accuracy – Lesser manual intervention.
Efficiency – Text messages do not need an internet connection, and are delivered instantly.
Text messaging for healthcare

As you read the whole infographic, it is clear that text messaging is an invaluable mode of communication for healthcare. Your staff or the rest of the users do not require extra training to use text messaging. Everyone knows how to text. What’s more, mobile phones are always there in your pockets. It is indeed an easy-peasy solution right in your pockets!

Did you make up your mind to send text messages to the staff, doctors, and patients of your medical institute? You can do it simply from your desktop using the ShoutOUT SMS Tool. Do you have an app dedicated to your medical clinic where patients can book appointments etc.? Well, then you can integrate the ShoutOUT API to your app. That way, these SMS alerts will be sent automatically with relevant detail at each action. Read more on how you can send automated SMS alerts on each customer action in Woocommerce Text Notifications – Complete Guide.