Text Messaging Service ShoutOUT is Now Available in the United States and Canada!

We are Available as a Text Messaging Service for Local Businesses in the United States and Canada Now! 

Yay! It’s live! ShoutOUT is officially available in the United States and Canada, now. 

What does that really mean? And what’s the difference? 

ShoutOUT had international text messaging enabled from early days. We have customers from Sri Lanka and other countries sending transactional messages, verification messages and promotional messages globally. So, what’s more on the platform now?

Let me explain what just happened.

What is ShoutOUT?

ShoutOUT is a text messaging platform which lets you send SMS and Email messages at scale with a personalized touch. Moreover, we provide SMS APIs to send and receive messages and for mobile number verification.

ShoutOUT is US-Ready Now! 

In the business text messaging space, there are country specific regulations. There are also price differences for local text messages and international text messages. Even though we sent messages in the US earlier, it was manual support that we gave our US customers to get onboarded with us.

And, guess what?! From today onwards, US businesses can use the ShoutOUT platform without any barriers or manual support from our team. 

Now, You Can Purchase US Numbers from ShoutOUT

Like in some other countries, in the US and Canada you cannot send text messages via alphanumeric sender IDs. Instead, phone numbers or short codes are allowed. 

Now, ShoutOUT provides local and toll free numbers for the United States and Canada. If you need a number from New York, you can simply enter the area code and purchase a number or you can purchase a toll free number. It’s as simple as that, with ShoutOUT!


We Have an Amazing Customer Onboarding and Support Team in the US

Being a Sri Lanka based company, one of the major challenges we faced earlier was providing personalized and localized support in the United States.  So, we partnered up with PlentyWorks, an amazing team in the US who has a similar passion toward what we are working on for SME businesses.. We all are super excited about ShoutOUT and badly wanted to bring ShoutOUT to the US market. And here we are!

If you are from the US, please reach out to our amazing team in the US via 1 (516) 693-2230.

We Made ShoutOUT Even Better

Our users love our product. Naturally, our team constantly brainstorms on strategies to make the product better to give a smooth user experience. So, we did lots of modifications with the latest release of the product. 

First, we added a great customer onboarding flow.  Now, you can start using ShoutOUT in less than 5 minutes. It’s simple and super fast to go live with all your campaigns. We also made lots of changes in our campaign creation flow and reduced some complexities we had. The good news is that it’s available for all users from around the globe.

Second, we simplified our SMS and Email campaign creation flows. Earlier, we had both SMS and Email creation together in a single campaign creation flow. Anyway, in the latest release, we separated it into two different flows. Now you can send SMS or Email campaigns easily in 3 steps. Moreover, we also made lots of UX improvements in campaign creation. If you are an existing customer of ShoutOUT, you would definitely love that.


What’s Next?

We have planned an amazing road map for this year focused on the US market. Here’s a spoiler! We are tirelessly working on releasing ShoutOUT 4.0 and it has two major features. 

Two-way messaging. And it’s not just SMS.

SMS has gone beyond just broadcasting messages. You can do wonders with two-way messaging and skyrocket customer engagement, and add a little bit of spice with our own chatbot platform.

Automation with text messaging. It’s super simplified. 

SME businesses need more automation, and it should be super simplified. Today, SME businesses use many applications to run their day to day business activities and we have identified many applications which need Text automation. 

Well, that’s it for the moment. Keep in touch with us for more exciting news in the coming months! We are super excited to see how it goes in the US market. Oh, and we are going to open up ShoutOUT in India, soon! Stay tuned! 

If you would like to try out ShoutOUT for Free, sign up here — ShoutOUT | Sign Up (getshoutout.com).