Ways to Improve Your Customer Efficiency Via SMS

What if I told you SMS was the answer to your dilemma of poor customer retention? Because it IS! According to Nielsen, text messaging is the most used data service in the world. And SMS was found to have a response rate of 45% according to a Velocify study.

What if I told you SMS was the answer to your dilemma of poor customer retention? Because it IS!

According to Nielsen, text messaging is the most used data service in the world. And SMS was found to have a response rate of 45% according to a Velocify study. In the same study, email was found to have only 6% response rate. Need I say more?

statistics showing 561 billion text were sent monthly in 2011, 395 billion in 2014 and 18.7 billion text were sent daily in 2014 and 13 billion in 2011 worldwide.Statistics aside, here are three main reasons why you should be communicating via SMS, and at the very end is a bonus tip because your business needs to grow this 2018.

It’s a beautiful year to make money.

Two factor authentication: Honestly, not much ought to be said about this after the data thievery year of 2017 we all just experienced. You need to secure your apps! The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to do this is by switching to two factor authentication implemented using one time passwords.

When a user logs in or at any specific point within your platform, a code is auto-generated and sent via SMS. Only after entering the sent code are the users allowed to proceed. Sounds simple but it prevents a whole lot of mess.

I recommend using ShoutOUT Lite because let’s be honest, doing this manually is right next to impossible if it was to be efficient. And there’s no better or cheaper app. (especially if your business is based in Sri Lanka). Sign up now for free.

image showing that ShoutOUT now provides two factor authentication via One time passwords

Timely Communication: One of the fastest means of communication is SMS, so use it to your advantage by sending user updates and quality information. Keep your customers in the loop and don’t be afraid to go ham. A research carried out by Velocify suggests that sending more text messages after contacting the potential customer leads to greater engagement and thus a higher rate of conversion.  

Also, expand it so that your customers can respond to your messages.

Communicating with your customer at every step of their transaction process is one of the fastest ways to get their attention. Texting in the sales process can lead to conversion gains of more than 100%. A good example, in an ecommerce business, updating your buyer via SMS about the process of their order.

Again, you could easily set all of these up using ShoutOUT Lite.

an images showing how automated messages are easily sent at each stage of the ecommerce process. from order processing text update to order dispatched text update to order delivered text update

Feedback: A recurring idea used in all articles written by me is “you are not your customers, don’t do the thinking for them”. If you’re an entrepreneur or into marketing or sales, you need that in poster form. Having stated the importance of feedback, it can be difficult to acquire, and this is another area where SMS can help. Using SMS, you can quickly send out feedback and prompt your customer for short direct responses such as ratings from 1-5 on different things. Need I say that you can automate this using ShoutOUT Lite?

image showing a company receiving feedback via text

The bonus tip as promised

Now these are just a glimpse of what you can do with SMS marketing.

To make your life easier we created an SMS API called ShoutOUT Lite, yes I mentioned it (a lot) earlier already. With a 5 minute integration you can begin sending and receiving SMS on your application. You can schedule SMS to send out reminders, set up triggers that will cause an SMS to be sent to anyone that performs a set action such as a customer purchasing, and send SMS asking for feedback.

Start living the easy life, try ShoutOUT Lite today for free.

Still in doubt? Here’s what real people are saying.

a screenshot showing "Ishan Marikar Sorry for the delay. I am a mad scientist/developer in my own right and I build a lot of projects, both person and as a career, and what attracted me to ShoutOUT Lite was because of it's ease of use, ease of implementation and it's intuitiveness and their team is also super friendly. SMS still is and has been the most accessible way to communicate with your customers and doesn't rely on anything else other that the recipient being on a telecom network ( which a lot of people in Sri Lanka are )." two facebook comments saying "Lashan Silva You can easily integrate with any business application without having any complications and with a less time, we already done with our eZuite www.ezuite.com Cloud Erp Platform" and "Upul Dissanayake Let's say that ShoutOUT is our soul. Without the power of ShoutOUT most of our core services will not be as it is now. From simple SMS communication to campaigns and OTP we use ShoutOUT in many different ways. And most of all it's a peace of cake to integrate their services using their powerful and simple to use API. We use ShoutOUT for Uniwor, SmartClass and for any project where we require the power of SMS communication, whether it's local or global." a facebook comment saying "Best team and easy integration. We at GIFTUP.LK rely on shoutout for our voucher delivery via SMS ??"