Wedding SMS Alerts – Invite Your Guests the Millennial Way!

Before going into this whole new thing about wedding SMS alerts, tell me. What do you think is more hectic? Is it the wedding planning process or the wedding day? 

Well, a 2018 Zola survey Zola revealed that 96% of couples found planning stressful. (Come on, I’m pretty sure that the other 4% lied). What’s more, a staggering 40% of them categorized it as “extremely stressful”. I’ll stop there. However much you plan, you will be a bit worried on your big day whether everything goes smoothly. 

What we need is something to make everything easier. Living in the 21st century, we millennials need millennial solutions. The solution – wedding SMS alerts.

Mobile Text Alerts for Weddings 

SMS alerts can help you be organized before and during your big day in ways you never thought were possible. The reason is that they succeed in addressing the key component in your planning process; communication. It is through proper communication with guests, vendors, family members, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. that you can plan and hold your event well. As you know, clear, timely communication is hard. On the other hand, miscommunication is easier to happen. 

If there is a way that enables you to communicate with everyone when you need, easily, quickly, with the trust that the message is not going to get lost on the way, that is the perfect solution. SMS alerts, obviously, wins! 

Using Mobile Text Alerts Effectively in Wedding Planning and on Wedding Day 

wedding SMS alerts
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Send group text alerts to everyone at once

This is such a time saver! 

Imagine that you need to get all your vendors to come to a meeting. You need to tell them the time, the place, the reason, and also, sometimes, who you are. (You are not the only people that they are working with). 

The obvious option would be to give phone calls to each vendor. Yes, repeating the details! 

Have you got the time to do that?

The vendor might be in the middle of something when you ring and might not grasp your details properly. They could even remember the time wrong and miss the meeting!

But, what if you send one group text alert to all the vendors?
  • You don’t have to spend more than one minute typing and sending the text.
  • You only need to send just one SMS alert.
  • Your vendor could glimpse at the text message even during another meeting.
  • Even if they forget the details, they are always there in their inbox to have a look whenever needed.
  • It will save your time even better since they won’t call you again and again asking for the meeting details. 

Isn’t this the kind of relief and peace of mind that you need during such a stressful time? 

The same way, you can use mobile SMS alerts to notify your immediate family members and friends on the planning progress. Let them know when you decide on the venue, the time, the theme etc. You can also text them the menu options and get their feedback on it. 

The same goes for bridesmaids. Let them know when their dresses are ready, or when you need to take them for shoe shopping. Inform them of the necessary information without a hassle. 

Basically, keep everyone in the loop, easier than ever before! 

Sounds interesting? Wait till you get to know the full potential of mobile text alerts for your big day!  

Wedding Invitation SMS Alerts – Invite Guests the Millennial Way!

Wedding Invitation SMS Alert
Wedding Invitation SMS Alert


  • Your nicely printed invitation could get lost in the mail. 
  • You need to get RSVPs through the mail, or through a phone call, which can be a hassle.
  • Your guests won’t have the invitation cards on their hands all the time to plan their other work.

Worst case scenario, if by any chance you happen to change the time or venue, informing the guests again is going to be a nightmare. The guests could get confused, too. This was in fact something many people went through during the past year due to the unprecedented pandemic. Some had to postpone their event more than once. Life is full of surprises. And we need to have the necessary tactics ready to manage them. So, the availability of an easy mode of communication for an event this big, is a must. 

On the other hand, yes, it has been the custom for so long to distribute cards with nicely crafted wedding invitation words. True that. But, maybe it’s time we spiced things up a bit, don’t you think? 

 Wedding Invitation SMS Alerts 

Is it just another text message with the same wedding invitation words?

It clearly is not!

Have a look at these cool features you can enjoy! 

1. Send them wedding invitation SMS alerts using your preferred name

If you thought you were going to use your personal number, you are wrong. Mass text services let you use your own sender ID – anything you like – to send marriage invitation messages. It could be anything from ‘SavetheDate’ to ‘MiaWedsIan’. 

Wedding SMS Alerts
Wedding SMS Alerts

When you use a custom sender ID like this, the communication process will be one way. It means that you can send messages, but not receive. On the other hand, if you opt for a custom mobile number like 1234, for example, you can both send and receive SMS alerts. 

2. Include a link to RSVP and visit your wedding website
Wedding Website with RSVP
Wedding Website with RSVP Feature

In your marriage invitation message, you can give a short URL through which your guests can easily RSVP. At the same time, you can also mention the link to your event website where the guests can see all the function details in one place. 

3. Create separate SMS groups to send wedding invitation text messages 

This comes in handy when your guest lists differ for the ceremony and the reception, or for any other reason for that matter. You can categorise the relevant contact numbers in the right group, and send customized invitations to each group. You can continue to send them text alerts on different updates, change of times, the menu, the day’s program, RSVP reminders, and a lot more. 

4. Schedule SMS alerts so that no one misses any detail

This is such a handy feature on a busy day like your big day. You do not have time to remind people or keep on check on anything. If you have people in charge of specific functions of the day, the best option is to have scheduled mobile text alerts. These reminders will help you run your dream day smoothly. 

Feeling like using wedding invitation text messages for your function, too?

I know, I cannot think of a better option to plan a function smoothly and easily. The amount of time it saves is invaluable. More than anything, the amount of stress that this method reduces is too important to be ignored.

So, get to know a bit more about how the whole thing works, read in detail about how to use text message alerts for your wedding. You can also read about a bride and groom that used the ShoutOUT SMS Tool to enjoy a sustainable and stress-free wedding function.