Why Are You Losing Your Leads? ?

Attracting leads is hard, retaining them is harder! ?

So, if you’ve been watching with tearful eyes ? your leads falling in love with your rivals, it is due to either of these two: you’re not trying hard enough, or you’re trying too hard (wait, what?). ?

Here’s a tissue. (Trying too hard???)

Yes, you’re trying too hard that you end up attracting every Tom and Harry to your business. It’s more like attracting ten leads to your floral business of whom only three are truly interested in flowers while seven of them are allergic to pollen. (hachoo)?

If you believe they’ll stay with your business (let alone buying flowers from you), you should as well believe they want their noses as red as red roses.??

  1. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

So, as you just got to know,

the major factor that contributes to losing your leads is they themselves not being ‘QUALITY LEADS’?. You should target and attract the right leads who show a purchase potential, and are truly interested in your products.

Attract ‘quality leads’ (with no allergies to your product?), and then only can you think of retaining them.

Now that you have attracted quality leads, if you are still losing some, then you’ve got to admit that,

2. You are boring.?


Once a lead is attracted, make sure you frequently engage with them. Send them emails/SMS and remind them that you do exist on the other side to assist them in any inquiry regarding your product/service. Most of all, show them that you care: wish them on special days, send an e-card or a discount coupon code on their birthday. Who wouldn’t want to purchase from a caring brand? You’ll easily become their first choice! ?

However much you engage with your leads, you still won’t be able to convince them to stay with you,

3. If you’re recommending fried chicken to a vegan.?❔?

No one would read your emails / SMS if the content is irrelevant to them. There’s no point in sending as many promotional SMS as you would about chicken burgers if you’re sending them to vegans. Besides, one living 20km away from the city would only be annoyed if they receive an SMS about free delivery within the city area.

Want to retain your leads? Send targeted emails / SMS which are relevant, thereby making them interested in purchasing, ultimately converting them into customers.?

4. Your leads are on social media 24/7, are you too????

If you’re not, it’s another reason for your leads to give the boot to you.

Social media sites/apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat being loved by the crowd is no longer breaking news. People literally go to sleep, and wake up, on their social media accounts. So you should do too!

Exploit the benefits of social media! Appear on the news feed of your leads with an attractive description and an eye catching snap of your product. Aaaand they’ll fall for your brand?. Don’t forget that they’ll be inquiring about your products through commenting (and chats) to which 47% expect a response within an hour, and 84% wait no longer than a day, according to the research conducted by Spidermarketing for Altitude in June 2016.

Yes, it’s a lot of work replying to comments immediately. So, employ chatbots, they’ll do the job for you! You can create a chatbot which will also carry out lead generation campaigns.

The basic fact to remember is that you have to ALWAYS PUT YOURSELF IN YOUR LEADS’ SHOES — ?????

Whatever tactics you employ, think whether you would be attracted (or annoyed) by them if you were a lead, and I bet it will help you save a lot of valuable leads.