Why does Email Marketing Never Fail to Generate Leads?

Well, stats first – while 42% of businesses say email is one of their most effective lead generation channels, 88% cite email as the most effective lead generation tactic.

What’s the secret?

Without much ado, let’s get to the meat of it.

1. Higher ROI

Email has a median ROI (Return of Investment) of 122 percent, 4x higher than other channels such as social media, direct mail and paid search, according to a new survey by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric.

Taking the right photograph the right way, and then preparing and posting it as an Instagram or a Facebook post requires much investment of your time, labour, and money. And then promoting them in all the social media channels involves more money and time.

It’s not that social media marketing is bad. My point is, compared to it, not only is email marketing cheaper and less time consuming, it returns more profit through better and easy engagement.

It’s not necessary for your leads to make any effort on their side – as in choosing to open Instagram or Facebook apps, scroll down through the feed until they MIGHT see your promoted posts, and choosing to click on them for details – when it comes to email marketing.

#Fact – 91 percent of consumers are known to check email on their smartphones AT LEAST once a day

There are hardly any millennials who haven’t synced their email accounts to their ‘always-on-the-hand’ mobile phones. The moment they receive an email, they get notified, and the plus point is, the body/content of the email can be read from the notification panel itself, without even having to open the email! (Another plus point being we’re addicted to checking our phones the moment we get a notification! )

NOTE THIS DOWN – Prioritise email marketing! Whatever the other marketing methods you’re using, make them return higher profit through integrating them with email marketing. Use short and attractive emails with the most useful details, in which you will include links to other marketing campaigns. Time to change an idiom – here it’s like, what, four or five birds in one stone?!

2. Customizability Leading to ‘Warm Leads’

A simple theory – RELEVANCE!

As i mentioned above, your promoted Facebook and Instagram posts MIGHT reach leads, but whether they reach the ‘right’ audience is debatable too. In other words, although I’m not denying the influences of social media promotions, there’s a higher chance of them landing on the ‘wrong’ lead’s feed. In that case, email campaigns are much more profitable in that we know we’re sending it to the right lead audience!

However, that is a possibility GIVEN THAT you send the ‘right’ email.

*Skip the next two paragraphs if you know what a ‘right’ kind of email is*

People hate it when they receive irrelevant emails which waste their time.

Come on, what is even the point in sending email campaigns of wedding ceremony promotions to a married person, or a seafood pizza discount to a vegan? You waste both your time and their time, AND you lose leads by annoying them with emails they’re not interested in.

So, categorize your lead contact base according to their demographics, online behaviours, preferences, lifestyles, hobbies etc., and direct the right email campaigns to the right audience.

(Make sure you have well-equipped CRM platform – like ShoutOUT – which lets you easily categorize your contact base and send respective email campaigns!)


Make available at their fingertips, what your leads are looking for! Send the wedding ceremony promotions to unmarried people, specially people displaying an interest in getting married (obvious kind of information if you analyse people’s Facebook walls and the pages and hashtags they follow on Instagram!). Who doesn’t love receiving information and promotions on things they actually love?

They’ll love you and warm their hearts towards your brand. Make the process quicker and credible by may be including an incentive such as a discount coupon code? You’ll be amazed at the results!

Were you convinced?

Email is one of the oldest modes of communication of the digital era, and it’s also one of the most effective modes too! Never underestimate the power of email.

Not only are email campaigns cheap, simple, and easy, but are also able to reach the right audiences with the right message, thereby attracting leads and increasing conversion.

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