Why You Cannot Just Ignore Augmented Reality and Chat bots

So, here I am as promised in my last week’s article with two more features of social media that are going to make your business more efficient and popular!

(I’m sure that you have given a serious thought about what we talked last week and are planning to incorporate them into your business activities! )

Anyway, without beating around the bush, let’s get to the first point.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This is an old technology that got an immense popularity in the social sphere in the recent years with the Snapchat selfie lenses starting with the ‘puking rainbow.’ And, as we all know, Pokémon Go turned it into a sensation in 2016. So, now we have the majority of the social media apps with many features developed using this technology: almost all camera apps provide lenses using AR, and a lot of other apps including Google Translate uses AR for many different services that you can’t even think of!

This demand and popularity for AR made Facebook launch its own features too. Why don’t you think of this too?

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Use Augmented Reality to let your customers and your audience connect with your brand in a new manner by sharing EXPERIENCES on social media, not just information!

Make their customer experience unique and up-to-date!

Why the more your should think about AR is because almost 75% of millennials are interested in virtual reality. So, are you going to neglect this? I hope not!


The last feature I’m going to bring your attention to is Chatbots. Chatbots are a kind of artificial intelligence that can have conversations with you. And if you’ve been wondering, yes, Facebook has chatbots integrated within Facebook Messenger.

How do you benefit your business with chatbots?

While Millennials now make up the largest consumer demographic, they demand self-service to resolve their customer issues. And chatbot is the best tool to cater to this challenging demand of the most important customer segment.

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Chatbots, unlike (human) customer service assistants, are able to assist any customer from anywhere at anytime; they are quick in their responses to customer comments and questions and are able to assist as many customers as required at once. Add to it the fact that more than a third of people prefer social media over a phone call for customer support.

Would you rather use chatbots to satisfy your millennial consumers with their desired fast and efficient customer service, or stick to the old school customer service platforms like telephone/email which are much less slower and much less liked, as your main mode of customer service? Well, you decide!

As we discovered in the two articles, social messaging, live video, augmented reality, and chatbots are four very popular features that revolutionized the social media atmosphere. And these features are really beneficial if used in your business for customer engagement, as you know by now, because they let you make your customer experience not only interesting and unique, but also more efficient and satisfactory.

So why the wait? Millennials catch up with the fast pace of technological development in an unbelievable manner, and so you should do too! Try incorporating at least one of these features into your business activities and lead the game!