Why You should not Do SMS Marketing to Strangers

Who are strangers? Strangers are strangers! We do not know them. And they do not know us. Do you like getting SMS from unknown numbers? Yeah you do not. And so do the others.

So? Yeah you should not do SMS marketing to strangers! If you’ve been doing till now, I’m sure you would think twice about it after reading this.

1. They get irritated when they get SMS from unknown numbers

So you know! This is what happens when you bother strangers with your SMS.

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes!

“I wanted to sleep till noon today so, I stayed home without even going to work. And you know what happened? Early in the morning I was woken up by this stupid SMS promotion some trash. I just deleted it without even bothering to read it. I was too angry that I couldn’t sleep again.”

So you know! This is what happens when you bother strangers with your SMS.

2. It would be worse if the SMS doesn’t address something related/ relevant to them

SMS is not like social media. SMS is something, you know, personal. And we send SMS to people we know, regarding things concerning us. Your SMS have a 5% chance of being alive if you’re promoting exactly what they need, which is nearly impossible. If not, your SMS IS KNOCKED TO DEATH! Ouch!

3. Don’t ever bother them for the second time too

Some can even block the number or mark as spam too. (The next texts you send will be a waste) Yeah I know, you are getting that feeling, which you felt when you were rejected by your crush! I’m sorry.

The next time they get an SMS from that unknown number (yeah it’s your number), they tend to delete it without even reading and that’s normal.
And they won’t stop there.

4. Again, they are strangers!

You pay a bulk SMS provider for promoting your product to 1000 mobile numbers in their base. Yeah it’s great! But.. uh.. not as much as you think! Did you ever happen to wonder who those people might be? Now that you started to wonder, you realized how futile it is.

So, go for bulk SMS providers whenever you need to promote a new set of combs to bald men! ⁠

Then, whom should you do SMS Marketing to?

They are your loyal customers.

  • Loyals expect you to update them with your new products. They expect it!
  • Usually 65% of loyal customers like to receive updates and promotions from brands. (Source: Focus on Loyal Customers Over New Acquisitions by Jim Tierney, Loyalty360)
  • Loyals read what you send, because they know you don’t send anything irrelevant.
  • Both the parties are satisfied! Your information is delivered to the right target, plus they get what they expect!
  • The response rate is also higher, because you offer something they need.
  • You always update them with something they were waiting for. Your efforts are not wasted! Get ready for a long queue in front of your shop !

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