Want Actual Leads from Facebook? Try Facebook Lead Ads

Ever questioned yourself saying “Why do i Keep Spending So Much on Facebook Ads Only to Get a Low Conversion Rate Back” ?

Lets show you whats being done wrong.

Do you direct your Facebook ads to your website to get Signups?

If you have been doing this, STOP!

Studies have shown that 64% of Facebook users are mobile users and that the average mobile user would rather choose to forfeit the purchasing of an advertised product or service than being directed out of their Facebook page. Yes, they loathe landing pages!


  • Those lengthy forms! — People under the age of 30 have been found to avoid filling forms as this mostly leads to random spam mails and it’s tiresome.
  • The loading time — Landing pages appear like they’ll take forever to load on a mobile device.
  • Not mobile friendly — After the loooong wait the user is made to go through the bitter experience of filling a form on a landing page that is not responsive.

No wonder why your Facebook Ads were not as effective as you expected them to be!

The solution?

The easiest, most convenient, and best solution is none other than Facebook Lead Ads.
Facebook lead ads facilitate signing up for anything without having to leave the Facebook page. When the ad is clicked, a pre-filled pop up form appears on the same page, letting one sign up with just three clicks.

The best about Facebook Lead Ads…

  1. The form pops up on the Facebook page itself — no loading of separate pages & time is saved!
  2. The form comes pre-filled with the user’s details — no battle with keyboard
  3. First click, second click, done! –

Don’t Facebook Lead Ads give you more than you ask for?
So why the wait? Go on, subscribe to it, experience the highest conversion rate ever!

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