WooCommerce Text Notifications – Why Do You Need Them for Your Customers? [Infographic]

Woocommerce text notifications for your website customers can help you build trust in them. Did you know that? Be it a grocery store, clothing store, or a restaurant / food delivery business, there are different stages or steps that a customer goes through in your website. They could be any of the following:Purchasing / Placing an OrderOrder ConfirmationOrder ProcessingOrder DispatchingOrder DeliveryProduct Review

It is best that you use text message alerts to confirm these significant actions to your customers. The reason is that your customers feel guaranteed when they get important updates about their orders that they spend their money on.

Why Use Woocommerce Text Notifications?

Put yourself in their shoes. When you are a customer, doesn’t it feel better when you know what’s going on with your order after you purchase it, than when you have no clue? How would you feel if you receive an ‘order cancelled’ email after days or weeks of waiting for your order? By the time you get the email, you might not even have enough time to reorder from another place to receive it on time for some event or work you had planned.

All the confusions and waiting in the dark goes away when you update your customers at each important order stage. Customers don’t have to keep emailing or calling your hotline to ask what’s going on with their orders. You save lots of time having to reply all these emails and calls, on the other hand. All in all, woocommerce text messaging saves time on both ends, i.e., yours and your customer’s, and facilitates efficiency.

Why are Woocommerce Text Notifications the Best Solution?

  • SMS alerts are quicker than any other communication method
  • Customers do not require to download third party apps
  • Customers do not require to have smart phones 
  • The message will be there in the inbox to view later, as opposed to a call that your customer could miss or mishear
  • Customers do not need an internet connection to check their order’s status (compared to email notifications)

Simply put, SMS notifications are faster, easier, and more convenient!

The following infographic provides further details in using text messaging for your woocommerce website.

Woocommerce text notifications

Want to set up woocommerce text notifications for your website, too? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here’s the complete guide on how to set up woocommerce text notifications for your website.