Your Customer has a Name, It’s not “Customer”

Are your SMS campaigns suffering?

No the fault is not SMS being an old invention, but we, using it in the wrong way. The first mistake you are doing is;

  1. Addressing as “customers” — What the hell? Am I not supposed to address my customer in a SMS I’m sending to my customer? Nope, you should not!

Think for a while, to whom and how, you normally send a SMS. You never text a stranger, plus you address your friend who is receiving the text by his name. And why not just apply the same theory for SMS campaigns?

Personalize your SMS by addressing the customer by his own name. Kick out the “Dear Customer” thing (Why have people got names after all? Just don’t let your customer feel that he belongs to a strange kind of species).

This is an everyday phenomenon that you have just missed, may be because it’s too simple. But this very fact changes your whole SMS campaign.

  • Your customer feels that you have specially sent the SMS just for him and he tends to read it.
  • Your customer feels that you even remember his name among thousands of your other customers.
  • Your customer feels that you care for him.

2. The exact same SMS for all — Being a vegan, will you bother about the newly opened meat shop?

Sending bulk SMS not only wastes your money, but also fails in being delivered to the right audience. We should always take care that the relevant SMS get delivered to the relevant audience.

The ideal solution is the Segmentation of your audience according to factors such as, gender, age group, interests, location, purchase history to name a few. Then you won’t be in trouble with sending your veg meal promotional SMS to vegans and chicken pizza promotional SMS to non vegans.

  • Customers segmented according to locations — If you have less human resource, don’t send offers to all the customers you have and bother the staff as well as the customers with the big rush. You can simply target a specific area/location/town and send SMS offers in this week, and target another area in the next week.
  • Diverse your promotions according to customer loyalty with segmentation. Make your Loyal customers feel valued by treating them like Royals. And make other customers who come to you also happy and turn them into loyals.

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